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Why Mr. Stone makes progress…!

By AbduRafiu
30 December 2022   |   12:59 pm
Among some of the mails I regularly receive is one containing an enquiry which I find thoughtful and interesting. It is one which, I believe no doubt, has bothered a great many people. It is a riddle and it is troubling. As we human beings are wont to do, once something constitutes too much of…

Map of Africa. Photo: aperianglobal

Among some of the mails I regularly receive is one containing an enquiry which I find thoughtful and interesting. It is one which, I believe no doubt, has bothered a great many people. It is a riddle and it is troubling. As we human beings are wont to do, once something constitutes too much of a riddle, we strive to file it away in the recess of our hearts; we try hard to get it out of our minds and concentrate on something else, especially if it does not stand in our way as individuals. Yet, troubling so-called riddles hardly go away. They come back haunting the mind. A reader in Ghana sent to me the thought-provoking post following my article on names. The post reads: “In U.S.A. you see names like Bush, Stone yet they progress. But in Africa, Favour is struggling to feed, Blessing is begging for data, Rejoice is suffering from depression, Wisdom no get sense, Victory failed exams and even Courage fears dogs.’’ The sender asks pointedly: “What do you think of the post…?” The question borders on why is it so.

In Europe, in the United States and Canada, people bear Mr. Brown, Dr. (Mrs.) Green, and as the enquirer has correctly noted, Mr. Bush and Mr. Stone. There is Mr. Gladstone. There are many more. If we go by the dictionary definition of the words, we can claim to know the meaning of Bush, Stone. Brown and Green, for example, denote colours. We then ask, how come that a man bears Mr. Green and another Mr. Brown or Miss White. As I stated in this column sometime ago, each person is the name he bears. It is his identity. It is also the identity of an object. When we mention hoe for instance, everyone knows to what it refers and we have a mental picture of it in our heads. Every object has its own characteristic which enables us to immediately identify it as a hoe, and cutlass as cutlass. The characteristic helps in telling a hoe from a spade or a cutlass. Yam and cassava look alike, they are both tubers, but we know cassava is not yam from the picture of each that races through the mind. Rivers are different from a lagoon and lagoons from an ocean, and they are bodies of water. The earth is 70 per cent water. Scientists talk about condensation of heat that results in water vapour and geographers talk about conventional rain when warm air rises. With distance from the land surface, it cools and continues to cool and condenses to form clouds and then we have rainfall. The land heats up from the sun’s energy warming the air above it. The sun itself is a gathering of spirit motes.

As the higher knowledge spreading on earth in these times reveals, everything radiates including the inanimate objects. They emit their individual rays sending out tones. The form, content, material and colour to which we hardly pay attention lead an object to be recognised by the designation attached to it and by which it is generally called. Name by which each is known separates one from the other by its vibration and in the mental pictures of them we carry in our minds and communicate. Even for inanimate objects, designations for them are not arbitrarily given how much more names of human beings. We use sounds correspondent with the qualities of a particular object to give it label. We are prodded albeit unconsciously by the power in the Law of Attraction of Similar Species to give it designation.

Names ring deep down every human being such that a Mr. Green will not accept his name being misspelt or mispronounced. Mr. Brown will immediately be incensed. Letters are immediately fired to editors when a man’s name is misspelt in a report. Indistinguishable as Martin is from Martins. Many bear Daniels. A Mr. Martin will not take kindly to his being addressed as Mr. Martins, nor will Daniels accept being addressed as Mr. Daniel. The difference in the two examples is what many would dismiss as a mere ‘s’ but they make all the difference in the tones and colours emitted. A Mary will like to be addressed as Mary and not as Mariam nor as Marian. Each can be clearly identified and will identify herself when they are called. A Mariam will sharply correct you if she is called Mary or Marian. She would regard it as mistaken identity were EFCC operatives to invite her with a letter carrying Marian. Evans is not the same person as Evan. What is in it that omission of a letter or an importation of it that it causes so much agitation and umbrage, indeed bitterness? What we should ask is what radiation does that singular letter bring to the totality of vibrations that gives a person his identity? It all demonstrates the close relationship between the name and its bearer. A Senate President had had to lose his office as a result of a misspelling of his first name in his documentation. In his first coming as Head of State on 31 December, 1983, Buhari wasted no time in protesting to editors in a statement personally signed by him that he was not Mohammed Buhari, but Muhammadu Buhari. The proverbial Lagos-Ibadan axis of the Nigerian Press at the time was more familiar with Mohammed and Ahmed. Nearly all newspapers reported that Colonel Mohammed Buhari as he then was had been named Head of State after he and his troops drove their tanks into the corridors of power, sacking Alhaji Shehu Shagari’s administration.

What is the current that is activated in each human being that makes him to identify with the name he is called and addressed? What is it that is astir? Something is triggered. What is astir that dog or a cat responds to the name they are called. A man radiates, the hallow of his radiations is called aura. Everyone displays his aura, usually unconsciously. Because each person displays an aura, the phenomenon is taken for granted. What message is to be read therefrom no one cares, yet the presence of a person could be abhorrent and puts off people without much ado while the aura of some c ould be soothing; it is inviting and welcoming. It portrays dignified presence where he does not say a word. The aura of a man is mainly of two types: dull yellow and violet. The aura of a noble man, one who is refined; a man who has firm volition for what is good, one who has a high spiritual goal is violet. His presence is calming and is delightful. He radiates peace and confidence. On the contrary round an evil man is dull yellow aura. It is the radiation of his being. A clairvoyant is able to see an aura and he may advise that one stay clear of a person whose aura puts off his fellow men.

We are now in the Age of Enlightenment which is the Age of the Holy Spirit and with it comes higher, extended and complete Knowledge. Through the knowledge we come to recognise that the whole of Creation is governed by Law and each human being stands under the law including the name he or she bears. Every volition in the exercise of his free will, every activity takes on form. Not only is he tied to the consequences of his volition, thoughts, speeches and actions, he also begins to form for himself his future name at reincarnation. All the deeds give him content and character, what then translates to his nature and species. So is it that man forms and forms. Each activity ties new threads. From the weaving of the threads spun by the deeds is also the future name. The threads lead inexorably and unswervingly to the name. Thus every name stands in the Law and each person is not only called by the name, he is the name. Through the Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species he is led unswervingly to the parents with correspondent attributes and nature. He thus takes on the surname of the parents. The first name is his own totality which connotes his talents and abilities, and the surname his fate. When a man bears Brown, we do not know the tones and colour the name sends out and in which he swings. The same point goes for Mr. Stone.

As this column did state recently, a soul hovers in the vicinity of its prospective mother. When it takes possession of the body woven for it by the nature beings in the mother’s womb, which occurs when the pregnancy has gone half way, the baby begins to radiate to the parents. With the incarnation the mother begins to glow and to know special joy. This period of joy prepares her to be more receptive. She then begins to think more seriously about the name the baby will bear at birth. The radiations of the spirit of the baby exercise a steering influence on how the parents think and guiding their thoughts in such a way that they eventually decide on the name it is to bear. No matter how long it takes them to settle on a name, no matter the reflection or calculation even if it is at the last hour they will come under the pressure of the radiations the child emits to settle only what it whispers as its name. It could even be the priest who is more receptive to pick the name. The point I am driving at is that no name is arbitrarily given. Each person comes with his or her name.

In Africa, a great many names are supplicatary and hopefilled. A Blessing could mean gratitude for an opportunity of another earthlife and the experiences one of which is lack of purchasing power; they are only to polish her and get her focus more on the higher goal. If blessed too soon, she may lose focus. The Jews went through excruciating experiences, and hard blows of the Romans, including being subjected to slavery when they began to deviate from the cause for which they were prepared as the first race on the surface of the earth to come to the recognition that there is only one God, the Creator of all the worlds. Being the closest to the Truth, it was only natural that they were blessed with Grace and privilege to receive the Lord Christ in their midst. The harrowing experiences served to keep them on course for the fulfillment of the sacred promises. The same point can be made for “Favour” who cannot feed. The point should also be made that in accordance with the Law of Movement, a person who bears Favour is expected to work hard to unfold the talents and abilities contained in her name. The name is not a licence for her to go to sleep. The Law of Movement does not permit standstill in any part of Creation. The experiences keep us awake, on the alert and polished and if the right lessons are learnt, there would be a turning around of fortunes.

This column has had before a variant of the question as to why the United States is most prosperous with the largest economy in the world, a country inhabited by Messrs Stone, Bush or Mr. Brown. How come it is a land of opportunities, the dream land of most young men and women? It is technologically advanced, is the most powerful nation, indeed, a nation that has gone to the moon while African countries with all the prayers are backward, riddled with diseases, there is depravity and lawless leaders, the argument goes. It is little remembered that the United States was established by migrants from Europe. Several parts were ravaged by wars and intractable social unrest brought about at the time of Crusaders. The experiences shook them, got them polished and matured. They put themselves in a different class of human beings with what they went through. Following the experiences they sought after nobility of spirit in accordance with the Laws bearing the Will of the Most High. The mature state of their inner being, of the penitent souls, made them to turn their gaze upwards to the Light in collective thanksgiving and the United States became what is generally, up till today, referred to as “God’s Own Country.” Any polished inner being is bound to attract the help of the Light. It is even more so when the majority of the people are refined inwardly. The land will be blessed. Never mind that decline is overtaking everywhere on planet earth including the United States.

As for the Jews who are recorded as first in several economic and technological indices, their ascendancy follows the anchorage of the Light power in their land, Israel. The Lord Jesus Christ walked through the land and as a result anchored His Light Power therein. Even though the Jews, with their priestly and political establishments in the lead, rejected Him as the expected Messiah and murdered Him, their depravity and treachery could not dampen the Rays of the anchorage of the Light attendant to the Lord’s mere presence there and He traversed the length and breadth of the land. As they tap from the Rays even if unconsciously, the land will continue to manifest wonders in a variety of human endeavours. However, it should be stated that the present Jews living in Israel have not necessarily always been Jews nor have all the Americans always been Americans. We are all redistributed at reincarnation to different parts of the world in accordance with the degree of the development of our inner being. The Laws, including the osmotic law, perfectionists and incorruptible that they are, will always place everyone where he belongs and deserves at any particular time.

(Full length conversation on Israel and the United States is reserved for some other day).