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Why people kill a fellow man


Sir: There is a thin line between sanity and insanity. Well-heeled people have had to cross the rubicon to scare and beat the Jesus out of people when we least expected them to. The human character is indeed not static. It changes according to circumstances. I bridle. People kill for religious reasons.

Brainwashed in religious homes to fight for The Lord, they run amok not caring squat, when they embark on this Holy mission to waste lives. Too bad.

Zealots are on the loose at every corner and bend in this country. These religious crusaders are predators and everyone is a potential prey.

People kill for the state. Police officers and soldiers kill mortal enemies of state on behalf of the state. This is necessary to protect the territorial integrity of state. Don’t go charging at soldiers with stones and cudgels if you value your life. Life is for the living.


People kill for economic reasons. Kidnappers, armed robbers, ritualists and more snuff lives out of people without qualms. What drives them is interest for vain glory. It hurts to see people with fresh human heads as reported constantly in the news but no quick punishment is handed down by the state to these debauched beings, to serve as deterrence to Dark Lords.

People kill when they go bunkers (mentally disturbed). Some people find it hard to rev up their brain before they put their mouth into gear. Run away from strangers who are mentally disturbed and watch family members who are disturbed closely. People kill out of emotion: anger, envy, love, hatred etc.

A movement cannot be a peaceful one especially when it circulates hate messages. Hate messages stir up wells of anger within people, a trigger to kill.

An individual who loves another whom he sees as his mentor can kill for that fellow to advance their cause. If I stoop to kiss a man’s shoes, out of love, wouldn’t it be possible to kill for that man?

Envy is responsible for the killing of many people. It is therefore incumbent on us to look, listen, learn and love.

Simon Abah wrote from Port Harcourt.

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