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Why should Nigerians be BATified?

By Yahaya Balogun
21 November 2022   |   1:47 am
In the abundance of reality and mind construction, I am a great optimist and an incurable one at such! My incurable hope for a new Nigeria has never been shaky despite bad leadership, our collective confusion...

[FILES] APC presidential candidate Bola Tinubu<br />Photo/twitter/officialabat

In the abundance of reality and mind construction, I am a great optimist and an incurable one at such! My incurable hope for a new Nigeria has never been shaky despite bad leadership, our collective confusion, hopelessness, mischief, and the contradictory situation in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, this writer is in the process of getting fully “BATified” into the beatification of a (BATism doctrine) choice that we bring out the best in all Nigerians—-no one is an exception. I will fully get on onboard soonest to be BATified. We need to activate our sense of wisdom and understanding to get persuaded to see the need for BATification of envisioned and responsible Nigerians.

The impending beautification of Nigeria isn’t rocket science. What the country needs now is an anticipated leader with the age of ideas and strategies to reorder Nigeria on the path of rapid transformation for growth and development.

The failure of leadership and trust we reposed unto President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration has made this writer (a former Buharist) and other optimists and believers vilified by enemies and adversaries of President Buhari. Instead of feeling discouraged, we owe Nigeria our unfettered and unfiltered patriotism, and I am responsible for every action I passionately took to rewrite Nigerian history. But unfortunately, President Muhammadu Buhari’s lackadaisical attitude, seeming nepotism, and favoritism have soiled his hyped integrity and good intentions for Nigeria and brought us into the book of his adversaries.

Realistically, I have never seen that kind of attitude above in BAT. BAT is a complete Nigerian. A great husband to a beautiful Senator and Pastor of a respected and world-acclaimed church of God. BAT is a detribalized Nigerian whose administration of Lagos State included all geopolitical zone’s sons and daughters in his cabinet. What BAT needs in you is your skills and performance for good results in any assigned tasks. BAT is a formidable political force and a magnificent representation of the best in Yoruba pọ́mbélé folktales. BAT represents a politically and characteristically symbolic, timeless, and placeable tale circulated orally among the wisdom-induced people of wholesome Yorùbáland in Nigeria and Africa.

Meanwhile, when you possess insights into the marble of a nation, it is easier to discern the future, especially if you’re one of those who can see and comprehend what the future holds for Nigeria. In the abundance of hope, Nigeria needs a dint of luck to break through within the purview of excellent and strategic governance.

Nigeria is potentially a great nation. All Nigeria needs at this juncture is a benevolent leader who will disrupt the current political tempo and ‘jagbajantis!’ If you are a patriotic citizen; who lives abroad, you will understand and appreciate the immense human and natural endowment nature has bestowed upon a troubled Nigeria.

Currently, Nigeria doesn’t need a saint or a gospel according to a saint of morality. Nigeria needs a doer and a sayer of things that will revamp a nation in need of all-inclusive stakeholders. And I see BAT doing that to the glory of God for all Nigerians. We should be getting snagged into this impending tsunami of BATism. Don’t be ‘OBIdient’ to those carpet criss-cross and ‘ATIKUlated’ people who do not know the difference between truth and glorified lies. They need to sieve their minds to see beneath the cover of the plethora of lies.

Fortunately, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu—BAT is a doer and a sayer of what he does or says. Without mincing words, resent or admire BAT, BAT is a product of gifted insults and praises. Jagaban has told for the umpteenth time what he would and would not do. He says things plain without minding whose ox is gored. BAT is a rogue politician who has zero oration tolerance for political correctness. He knows how to plant and harvest human resources to manage and transform human capital for the growth and development of his society. BAT is no saith by any means, but he’s a beautiful and ingenious ‘demon’ who knows how to harvest and tame talents for the benefit of his enemies and friends. Unless we want to be hypocritical and disingenuous about BAT’s political sagacity, achievements, and transformations that cut across ethnic and religious lines, we cannot deny BAT’s all-inclusive immense contributions to individual achievements and nation-building.

In conclusion, given the qualities mentioned above of Senator BAT, Nigeria cannot afford more of the same of the last six decades of her nationhood. Those glorifying corrupt political nymphs of Nigeria in other parties are entitled to celebrate their mutual symbiote in other known and unknown politicians.

With every sense of honor, respect, and humility, you do not have to be coerced or forcefully agree with this author of “Why You Should Be BATified.” I really do understand based on how I sold a failed and ethnocentric Baba Bubu to all Nigerians, particularly, Diaspora-Nigerians. But, depending on the geopolitical clime, politics is a game of certainty and uncertainty. I do not regret my patriotic zeal and support for the success of failures—and failures of success of President Muhammadu Buhari—-a man who dated history with a lackluster romantic record, and history will judge his intentions and inability to succeed.

With cautious optimism, I will be in the lane and process of getting a moral baptism into the camp of BATified BATs. I see Senator BAT redefining politics and unearthing the best human and material resources endowed by nature upon Nigeria.
Balogun wrote from Arizona, the United States of America.