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Why we must talk birth control now


Birth control. Photo Designer491/Getty Images

Sir: While we all agree that children are gift from God, we must also not forget that having a particular substance excessively is called abuse. I think it’s time to consider birth control in Nigeria. We can no longer be fooled by religion.

God is not foolish to have sent only Jesus Christ to the world or Jesus having only 12 disciples to work with Him. Are we really producing tomorrow’s leaders in Nigeria or slaves and terrorists? You see young men roaming the streets, they harass and demand possessions.

Why it’s solely not the government’s responsibility to end the ‘irresponsible’ way of child bearing, the government must take a stand on people not having the number of children they cannot cater for, children that will turn out to be problematic to the nation. Religious organisations must also get involved. We can no longer be blind to the reality in today’s world.

In a country where a man without a reasonable means of income living in a room apartment and having six children, really calls for concern.

The funny thing about most of these people having multiple children is that, they claim God knows why they are so fertile and that He will take care of them. I’ve seen a man living in a room apartment, who had a party and closed down the streets during the naming ceremony of his third child.

I’ve seen a man close down the street when his fifth child marked his one year birthday, the truth is, he has no good means of generating income, he cannot afford to pay their school fees. I have also seen a young man, living in a room and parlour apartment with his elder brother while his wife with kids live with her father in-law.
The question one may want to ask is, how they get money to organise parties and could not get money for their children’s education.

These men get contributions from friends who see it as an avenue to come together, laugh and assert their presence as the one in charge of the streets, king of boys, and politicians who see it as a favour they must return and strengthen their political base.

While President Muhammadu Buhari signed N30, 000 per month minimum wage bill into law, at the same period, in Maryland USA, lawmakers passed $15 per hour bill into effect. If you do the calculation, a worker over there only needs about six hours to earn what a worker here would earn in 30 days.

This is the reality. Until we go to the villages, go to the churches and mosques, talk to the people, that it’s time to care about the future of the country and give birth to the number of children who will not end up under the bridges, who will not be converted to terrorists, children who will think technology instead of having money to just eat and drink, smoke Indian hemp, poverty will remain our friend.
As a young man, whose growth was slowed for coming from a poor family background with too many children the parents can cater for, and as a youth and citizen of this country with 91 million people under extreme poverty and whose total debt just up by 12.25% and in a nation that cannot manage its population, it’s time to discuss this, stop hiding under ‘transparent’ shelter we thought it’s a refuge and thick dark shade.
Eniola Daniel wrote from Lagos

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