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Wining and dining in immorality in society


Sex Life

Sir: We live in a permissive society where immorality reigns supreme. Ironically, all of us belong to one religious body or the other.

There are Churches in every nook and cranny where adherents visit every day to hear sermon and pray for miracles among others. The Mosques are also available for Muslims to carry out their religious obligations. There is the African Traditional Religion (ATR).

These worship centres are supposed to be reformation places where people are supposed to inculcate and develop good morals. Yet, immorality has become the order of the day irrespective of religion or culture.

Immorality expresses itself in diverse ways. Stealing, lying, cheating fighting, bribery, examination and electoral malpractices, killing, duping and deceiving people in the Holy name of God and others.

However, today’s article centres on the second definition of immorality according to Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary eighth edition. It defines immoral as not following accepted standards of sexual behaviour. We are human beings, not animals.

In order of creation, we are higher than animals. We have freewill, a special endowment from God which distinguishes us from animals.

It is this freewill that enables us to recognize the rightness or wrongness of any action and to choose between right and wrong. Regrettably, most human beings have now taken the place of animals, hence bringing about transposition in the order of creation.

Last year’s Valentine’s Day remains indelible in the minds of a particular family in my neighbourhood as one of the daughters left home for an unknown location with some men to celebrate.

Since then, her whereabouts is yet to be ascertained. Valentine’s Day, which is supposed to be a day of pure love for humanity, has regrettably translated into a day of doom where our society is suffused with a lot of immoral acts!

In those days, we had a tradition that inflicted some afflictions on married women who had extra marital affairs. Today, it appears the tradition has gone to sleep.

Does it not sink your heart to hear that a father slept with his daughter? Is it not disgusting to know that it is now a thing of pride for people of same sex getting married?

Immorality is rampant among boys and girls of today who indulge in it covertly and overtly in the name of friendship. Most of these people live together under one roof, making babies without any marriage rites such as payment of dowry. Regrettably, this immoral partnership is in vogue today.

We have indeed desecrated and afflicted this earth with much miseries through these immoral acts. We now rank lower than the animals in the eyes of the creator.

To deteriorate our condition, the Holy name of God is always on our lips even as we indulge in these unsavoury act. We have really degenerated!

Udodilim Ijeoma, a public affairs analyst, wrote from Sapele, Delta State.

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