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Abiodun and vision to propel Ogun to new heights

By Kunle Somorin 
11 June 2023   |   3:33 am
In a resounding victory that affirmed the people’s trust in his leadership, Prince Dapo Abiodun has secured his second term in office. As he embarks on another four-year journey, the performing Governor of the good people of Ogun State...

Dapo Abiodun

In a resounding victory that affirmed the people’s trust in his leadership, Prince Dapo Abiodun has secured his second term in office. As he embarks on another four-year journey, the performing Governor of the good people of Ogun State has left no doubt about his commitment to building on the remarkable progress achieved during his first term. With a clear vision for development and a proven track record, he aims to leave a lasting legacy that will positively impact every facet of Ogun State.

During a felicitation visit by the Ogun State Community Development Council and the Ogun State Cooperatives Federated Limited, Governor Abiodun assured the people that he would fulfill all his campaign promises just as he did in his first term. The governor’s passion for development is evident in his achievements over the past four years. His administration has made significant strides in infrastructure, human capital development, agriculture, and youth and women empowerment. Abiodun’s commitment to delivering on these fronts is unwavering, and he is more determined than ever to engrave his legacies in gold within the hearts and minds of the people of Ogun State.

One of the key areas of focus for Governor Abiodun in his second term is ensuring a steady supply of public utilities such as portable water and uninterrupted electricity. Recognizing the importance of electricity in driving industrial growth, the governor plans to enhance electricity supply from both independent sources and the national grid. This move will catalyze the ongoing industrial revolution in areas like Abeokuta, Ota, Ijebu-Ode, and Sagamu, further boosting economic development and attracting investment to the state.

Abiodun’s dedication to transforming Ogun State extends beyond infrastructure. His administration has embarked on strategic partnerships and initiatives that will unlock the state’s potential in various sectors. One notable project is the Tongeji Island Project, a $3 billion crude oil refinery in collaboration with Gasoline Integrated International. This landmark project will not only enhance energy supply but also create over 10,000 direct jobs, contributing to the state’s internally generated revenue.

The governor’s commitment to providing uninterrupted power supply is further emphasized through the implementation of the Light Up Ogun Project. By establishing a public-private partnership joint venture for an independent power project, Governor Abiodun aims to generate uninterrupted power to major towns and cities across the state. Such initiatives are vital in spurring economic growth and improving the overall quality of life for the people of Ogun.

When the esteemed governor unveiled the meticulously crafted budget, aptly named “Budget of Continued Development and Prosperity,” during his address to the lawmakers, he eloquently expressed, “I say this with every sense of responsibility because all the contents emanated from the wishes our people expressed at different budget town hall meetings. It is also an expression of their trust in your government and party. This is what our state is known for and I will appreciate it if we maintain our set standard of signing the Appropriation Law before the 1st of January of the coming year.” In a resounding endorsement of the governor’s visionary pursuits and the exemplary leadership demonstrated by Prince Dapo Abiodun, the Speaker of the House of Assembly, Honorable Olakunle Oluomo, ardently proclaimed, “This budget is reflective of what the people of Ogun State want. I can assure you that on our part, we will ensure the implementation of the budget. “Through this budget, our people will enjoy the full dividends of democracy”.

Incontrovertibly, Prince Dapo Abiodun’s visionary leadership resonates in every provision, exemplifying competence and a profound understanding of the state’s needs. 

As a shrewd administrator that he is, Prince Dapo Abiodun’s visionary leadership has undoubtedly propelled Ogun State to new heights. The meticulously crafted budget showcases his unwavering commitment to the people’s aspirations and sets a precedent for accountability and transparency. Through strategic allocations, the budget addresses critical sectors such as education, healthcare, infrastructure, and agriculture, fostering sustainable development and economic growth. The governor’s emphasis on citizen participation through town hall meetings demonstrates a deep respect for democratic principles. With the Speaker’s unwavering support, the implementation of this budget promises a brighter future, where the people of Ogun State reap the rewards of their collective aspirations.

It’s noteworthy that infrastructure development remains a priority for Governor Abiodun in his second term. A notable project on the agenda is the Kajola Dry Port, which will be situated at the Kajola Free Trade Zone. This strategic location will streamline cargo shipping to the state, creating job opportunities and fostering trade. By investing in critical infrastructure, Governor Abiodun is paving the way for sustainable growth and attracting businesses to Ogun State.

Equally, empowering the youth and women is central to Governor Abiodun’s agenda. Recognizing the immense potential of the state’s young population, he plans to expand youth development and job creation initiatives. The successful Anchor Borrowers’ Programme, implemented in collaboration with the Central Bank of Nigeria, has revolutionized youth involvement in agriculture. Governor Abiodun aims to scale up this program, enabling even more participants to benefit from agricultural opportunities. Furthermore, he hasp expressed his commitment to hosting the best National Sports Festival in history, highlighting the importance of sports in youth development.

Governor Abiodun’s focus on social development is also evident in his commitment to affordable housing. Building upon the achievements of his first term, he plans to construct an additional 4,000 housing units and 236 health centers. These efforts will provide affordable housing options for the people of Ogun State and ensure access to quality healthcare services, improving their overall well-being. By prioritizing social infrastructure, Governor Abiodun is addressing the fundamental needs of the people and creating an inclusive society where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Prince Dapo Abiodun’s dedication to education is commendable. He recognizes the transformative power of education and its role in shaping the future of Ogun State. In his second term, he plans to invest heavily in the education sector, focusing on infrastructure development, teacher training, and technology integration. By providing modern learning environments and equipping teachers with the necessary tools, Governor Abiodun is setting the stage for a quality education system that will empower the youth and prepare them for the challenges of the future.

In addition to his commitment to infrastructure and human capital development, Prince Dapo Abiodun is determined to foster a conducive business environment that attracts both local and foreign investors. His administration has already taken significant steps in this direction by creating the Ogun State Investment Promotion Agency (OGUNIPA) and establishing the Ogun State Business Environment Council (OGBEC). These initiatives streamline processes, eliminate bureaucratic bottlenecks, and provide a platform for dialogue between the government and the business community. Governor Abiodun’s focus on ease of doing business will undoubtedly position Ogun State as a prime investment destination, creating job opportunities and driving economic growth.

Commendably, Governor Abiodun’s commitment to transparency, accountability, and good governance is evident in his administration’s efforts to promote fiscal responsibility and combat corruption. By implementing robust financial management systems and strengthening anti-corruption agencies, he is creating an environment of trust and confidence. This commitment to good governance ensures that public resources are used efficiently and effectively for the benefit of the people of Ogun State. Prince Dapo Abiodun’s achievements in his first term serve as a testament to his leadership and vision. However, he acknowledges that there is still work to be done. His second term provides an opportunity to build on the foundation laid and take Ogun State to new heights. With his unwavering commitment, strategic partnerships, and clear focus on development, Governor Abiodun is poised to transform Ogun State into a model for other states in Nigeria and beyond. .

As the people of Ogun State, we have the responsibility to support Governor Abiodun’s vision and contribute to the realization of his goals. We must embrace the opportunities presented by his administration and actively participate in the development process. By working together, we can create a prosperous and inclusive Ogun State that will benefit current and future generations.

In conclusion, Governor Dapo Abiodun’s second term in office brings renewed hope and excitement for the people of Ogun State. His proven track record, unwavering commitment to development, and strategic initiatives demonstrate his readiness to propel the state to new heights. From infrastructure and human capital development to youth and women empowerment, Governor Abiodun’s agenda encompasses all aspects necessary for the holistic growth of Ogun State. By supporting his vision and actively engaging in the development process, we can contribute to the realization of a brighter future for Ogun State—a future that is marked by progress, prosperity, and sustainable development.
• Somorin wrote from Abeokuta

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