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Alliances and realignments in quest for a better morrow



It has been in the air—alliances and realignments.

The air has been filled with expectations that our political actors would cut ties with certain parties and pitch their tents with opposing ones.

With crossing of the lines also comes the shifting of loyalty.

Those who are familiar with these times racing to general elections in 2019 and the bread and butter nature of the Nigerian politics say the alliances were inevitable and so, expected.

As we know election period is a time of excitement for some people and anxiety for the apolitical or minor players or even those whose business is to hang out there shrugging their shoulders from atop their observatory.

It is a time gladiators of different hue and grades are shown their score cards and testimonials. You are to either continue or go home.

Those expecting glittering testimonials and those who would just have passable scores have started to warm up and rehearse for the season staring us in the face from the horizon.

As politics and its attendant stratagems are not my forte, I can only watch from my observatory.

There are conflicting reports on the strength of the parties in the Senate which is the arm of the National Assembly in focus as of now.

The arrow head of the alliances is Buba Galadima who held nothing back in his interview on Channels on Monday, and the master strategist is Senate President Bukola Saraki.

What one may call the big fish is Sam Ortom, Governor of Benue State whose youths were reported to have angrily removed the APC flag on his vehicle and asked him to go back to Government House in Makurdi.

He should not be seen, they contended, attending reconciliatory meeting with the party leadership.

When the situation settles there may be a full dressing of the subject of alliances and realignment.

What concerns this column is what lies behind the movements.

With the understanding of the times in which we are and the abundance of power pouring into our world as of today driving mechanisms governing all things including politics, we would see that alliances and realignments will be a continuous phenomenon.

The Law of Movement and the Homogeneity must drive our thoughts and our actions.

All actions are preceded by thoughts. It is seldom that we have occasions we may call exceptions.

A time of unpremeditated action, that is.
What we have been feeling thick in the air, things which are palpable we are almost able to touch them, are the ethereal, non-physical forms of thoughts.

Every action resulting from thoughts is the condensation and tangibility of thought forms manifesting physically.

Thoughts not being physical, produce non-physical forms compatible with their nature, whether thoughts of politics, or wholesome thoughts of help and ennoblement in different facets of life.

The nature of the thoughts could be strong, weak, beautiful or ugly, good or bad.

Even thoughts of a war do take on unmistakably homogeneous forms which engender non-physical or ethereal wars from which physical manifestations only much later, after due pressing for materialization, draw inspiration and power.

These manifestations can come during a nap or sound sleep when brain currents drop drastically low, affording the soul connection with stronger currents or vibrations of life.

Since what lies below is a condensation of what lies above it, such connections or contacts may be said to oblige a peep into the future.

It is this peep that our seers have, but each according to his ability reflecting the level of his inner development which in turn determines the measure of his inner radiance and capacity and therefore his ability to see.

It is these differences in inner beings which correspondingly account for different prophecies and pronouncements by the seers.

These thought forms are the works which are said to accompany everyone even after physical demise because they are ever attached to their authors, who must experience their physical manifestations, except they permit the connecting threads to shrivel and wither through lack of continuous nourishing.

As with individuals, so with a people.

As nothing can approach an individual who has not first given rise to it thus so can nothing hover around a people who have neither lowered the bridge to it nor given it nourishment!

The time in which we stand calls for sober reflection in this regard.

Who wants a crisis who has not prepared the bed for it in his thoughts, since every deed and action originates from thoughts?

Who distances himself from the affairs of today who carelessly or deliberately had not sown or permitted the wrong thought and nourished it or even voiced it? Thoughts have no barrier.

Thoughts from Nigeria can reach up to Syria to energize and prolong the war there.

Deliberate or casual thoughts generated in Mali or Libya can set off violence in Nigeria.

In these times, we are assured by higher knowledge available to mankind on earth today, that the hovering ugly thoughts pressing for materialization may yet be pushed away if everyone would learn to keep the hearth of his thoughts PURE.

Should that happen, the land will be blessed with PEACE and HAPPINESS.

The first step to peace and joy is for all of us to avail ourselves of the unique knowledge on earth now from which everyone is expected to draw.

Familiarization with Creation and Creation happenings is today obligatory for anyone who is serious about his life. It is a choice for each individual to make.

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