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Buhari’s second term will spell doom for Nigeria, warns Fayose


Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State

Ekiti State Governor Ayodele Fayose has said having President Muhammadu Buhari for a second term would bring doom to the country, even as he claimed a cabal is already governing Buhari.

Fayose, who made the remarks in a Television Continental programme yesterday, said he chose hunters to help his state curb the menace of herdsmen, because “the constitution of Nigeria is no longer working.”

He said: “Let me come to the level of incidents happening around. In the conception of that constitution, it does not really want the governor of Ekiti to have control over security apparatus to help his people. And to worsen matters, people who are supposed to protect this constitution are now collaborators. They are the ones trampling on the constitution.”

Decrying incessant herdsmen attacks, the governor alleged that the Federal Government under Buhari lacks the political will to tackle the challenge: “Everyday, there is an occurrence of killing. There is no security for anybody. A herder would threaten to command his cow to attack farmers. Anybody can see you on the way and attack you.

“They even slaughter their victims from the back. You can’t even demean an animal like that. They would even threaten farmers that if I see you in your farm, I will kill you. We have lost it. This administration rode to power with a threefold promise, to fix the economy and power and fight corruption. Everything has failed in all aspects.”

Contrasting developments in Nigeria with what happened in Ghana, Fayose noted: “On the issue of herdsmen attacks, that country dealt with their herdsmen and got rid of them and they had peace of mind afterwards.” 

While urging Nigerians to vote out Buhari in 2019, the governor recalled that before the administration came to power, “I warned Nigerians, and I am warning again. If by any chance Buhari comes back to power, we are doomed.” He said: “I have nothing against Buhari; he is our leader and remains so. All that I have spoken about the presidency has come to pass. I was 24 years old when President Buhari was military Head of State. At that time, the way he ruled is the same way he is doing now. 

“Majority of the people that voted for Buhari is in the age bracket of 18 to 40. They didn’t know who he was. I am telling you expressly that this country is not well governed. The principal thing people look out for before they talk of food is security; Nigeria is not secure.

“I said that the President wasn’t fit health wise to govern and he was away from office for more than half a year. That explains what I have been saying; Nigerian does not need a man of over 70 years of age. You talk about Buhari’s experience but your experience is okay only if the body is okay and vice versa. Let us be realistic, Nigeria has 180 million people. Can’t we find one young, vibrant person who can lead us?”

Fayose added: “The President is not in charge. He is being governed himself by a cabal, just like it happened under late Yar’Adua. As time goes on, this cabal will be exposed.”

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