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‘I believe Buhari will accept defeat, if he loses in 2019’


Olusola Christwealth,

Presidential aspirant on the platform of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Dr. Kola Olusola-Christwealth was a former member of the Labour Party (LP) in the United Kingdom (UK), and was once invited to contest a political office during tenure of erstwhile British Prime Minister, Mr. Tony Blair but he declined. He speaks with SEYE OLUMIDE on why he wants to rule Nigeria.

My fears for Nigeria ahead of next elections
Rather than being afraid, I am very hopeful and excited. We are about entering our golden era. Those that are discerning are aware of this and no circumstance, no person, no group, no tribe, no cabal except Nigerians can change the new history that is about to be written. There has never been a time like this when an average Nigerian is so politically aware; we have been “demilitarised”, we are developing a democratic culture and with the power of the ballot, God will help us to change any government that is not adding value to our lives as a people. There is indeed nothing to be afraid of. The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and the erstwhile ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have served their terms. They have tried their best and we all appreciate their efforts. SDP is here to take Nigeria to the level God destined her to be.

Nigeria tilting towards anarchy
The present government is trying its best but we need an advanced strategy to reverse all the negative trends, much of which predated this administration and as a matter of fact had been there since the colonial times.


In the scheme of our colonial masters, Nigeria was engineered to be a headache to herself and her people. Nigeria was not meant to be a nation but a conglomeration of combative, antagonistic, dissenting tribes. Nigeria was not programmed to succeed. Our leaders were pawns in the hands of our foreign masters; they did not see through them and rather than unite to have one nation, destined by God for greatness, they played to the gallery and the result is what we see today.

Nigeria has survived the ill-omened plans of our colonial masters and shortsighted, greedy politicians; the only available option we have now is to go forward and enter our golden era.

Why I am running for presidency on SDP
SDP is the most credible, most acceptable party in Nigeria today. Most Nigerians are disenchanted by the abysmal performance of the PDP and APC. Nigerians and progressive elements in PDP and APC are joining SDP in hordes to be free from hardship.

SDP was the political platform on which MKO Abiola was elected in the freest and fairest election in Africa’s history. SDP is the party generally accepted by Nigerians with grassroots strength.

Failures of APC in government
The ruling party is an agglomeration of strange bedfellows and groups… a structure that was hurriedly put up to highjack power from PDP. Whatever good plan President Muhammadu Buhari had or may have were/are bound to fail. The President had been adjudged in various quarters as a good man, though his stance on the killings in some parts of the country has decimated his stature. No one is perfect and we would be unfair to expect him to be a saint or an angel in every respect.


President Buhari will fail a million times to deliver the dividends that will take us to the Promised Land as long as he remains in APC, which is a mere contraption and not a political party in a real sense. Don’t get me wrong: there are great people in APC! I have deep respect for some of them. APC members are divided and suspicious of one another because of their various ideological leanings that cannot be easily married- they are coming from different political parties and each of them is still pursuing the agenda of his former party. APC is the proverbial house that is divided against itself- APC cannot stand in the mission to rebuild Nigeria, whoever is fielded as President. They may succeed in some states and local governments where there are cohesion and unity of purpose but will fail, in their present form, whoever they field as President.

Restructuring as a key campaign subject in 2019
The issue of restructuring has been politicised and distorted for the grand gain of the politicians of fortune that I talked about earlier. They would not explain the benefits of restructuring to the people so as to continue to be parasitic suckers. Restructuring will help us but we must all understand the benefits to embrace it. I will not support any project that will divide Nigeria or put any part at a disadvantage. I will not force restructuring on Nigeria but would make Nigerians crave for it after fully understanding the benefits.

Do you see Buhari and APC conceding defeat in 2019? 
As I said earlier, Buhari is a good man. He is also a great man. No general that is worth the title would acknowledge or admit defeat or concede victory in a battle he has all the resources and wherewithal to fight but not yet fought. I will be disappointed, as one with some military training myself, if the President withdraws before the election. I am happy he chose to run. It would be cowardly and agreeing with the aspersions of his detractors if he did not. He will fight in this battle. He will lose the battle. The good and great man in him would surrender gallantly and honorably to me.

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