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Ogun: The vacuous claims of Labour Party


Ogun State Governor, Ibikunle Amosun

The interview by the Chairman of the Labour Party in Ogun State, Mr. Arabambi Abayomi, published last Sunday in The Guardian, was reckless vitriol.Indeed, the Labour Party man fouled the public space with overtly libelous statements, mostly a product of lack of information or knowledge of what constitutes a libel. It was a worse case: his declamations were gross half-truths and outright fabrications.

An Ogun State government official will surely have his day with The Guardian to put the record straight. He will not descend into joining issue with Mr. Arabambi and his libelous concoctions. He will put the lie to the unsubstantiated allegations in the interest of some innocent readers who might have been misled by Arabambi’s pack of taradiddles.

But it suffices to give a teaser. Mr Arabambi claimed that each of the world-class model schools constructed by the Ibikunle Amosun administration could only accommodate 300 students! What a barefaced falsehood! How can our political atmosphere suffer this level of stench? How do we account for this sickening mendacity? Even the JSS1 classes alone will comfortably seat more than 300 students not to talk of JSS2, JSS3, SSS1 to SSS3! Are we going to develop at all as a country if we continue to allow this unabashed desecration of public space in the name of politics? I picked just one example of the false claims in the interview. Other allegations are as bizarre as those concerning the model schools.


Really, the government could have dismissed the entire interview as one of those materials fit for the trashcan. It must have been a slip, albeit a serious one, for the words of the Labour Party man to have been printed in the highly regarded Guardian newspaper.

But we will tell our own story for the esteemed readers of the paper. Arabambi and his sponsors have hit below the belt, which will rebound upon them.Finally, Senator Ibikunle Amosun will not succumb to cheap blackmail. He will not be distracted by unconscionable propaganda. His eyes are fixed on the goal, which is the Mission to Rebuild Ogun State.
Opeyemi, media aide to Ogun State governor, sent this piece via

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