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The Amina Abdullahi Umar Ganduje people don’t know

By Aminu Yahuza
20 December 2020   |   2:58 am
Doctor Amina Abdullahi Ganduje is the daughter of the Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje. Despite her father is the number one citizen of Kano State

Doctor Amina Abdullahi Ganduje is the daughter of the Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje. Despite her father is the number one citizen of Kano State, that has not made her too lazy around, no wonder she has recorded many outstanding feats. And the achievements have no connection with the fact that her father is at the helm of affairs at Kano State. She has always proved to be a woman of full potentials since her undergraduate days at the University of Maiduguri, where she read medicine.

Her talents keep unfolding even after graduation and reflected when she worked with the Kano State Ministry of Health at Hasiya Bayero Pediatric Clinics as Medical Officer. A casual flip into her educational career reveals how she was raised as a total woman. She is not a lazy one, who would always want to get things on the platter of gold, her doggedness in achieving big in her name is glaring. It will interest you to know that Doctor Amina at one sitting each passed her primaries, Part l, and Part ll and became a fellow of West African College of Physicians within the shortest possible minimum period anyone could ever achieve.

Concomitantly, while pursuing her fellowship ambition, she also applied for field epidemiology training in Africa under CDC Atlanta Field Epidemiology, Africa run by prestigious Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria (ABU) a very competitive, high tasking and super rigorous M.Sc Field Epidemiology training available and obtainable under the sun, which is hard to come by due to the high number of applicants and a limited number of the available slot, reason only very few candidates make it to the admitted list annually. Our indefatigable woman role model made it not only to the list but to the top of the list. The selection is solely merited base through an online exam, no wonder the annual pass for the online intake exam is usually less than five percent.

Not surprisingly, she is one of the six medical doctors indigenous to Kano State who have achieved it.

Her qualification pitched her a lecturing job in the department of community Medicine Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital (BUK-AKTH), where she is currently serving and making tremendous contribution to the development of the department and the students alike through hard work, resilience, and intellectual rigour for better public health policies and strategies through mentoring undergraduate medical students and public health M.Sc students for a conscious result based policy formulation.

Doctor Amina’s success in managing the CDC AFENET Piloted Malaria Project gives her a name as the iron lady and an unstoppable achiever who no matter how the terrain looks like will do everything to achieve success. Her leadership style in that capacity exemplified a textbook definition of what a manager is, her teaming NSLO would elaborate more on this point, but to say the least they were dumbfounded initially when they sent her an email in the wee hours of the morning, which she replied instantaneously despite being a mother of five kids, a wife and a daughter of the current governor of the state.

As Adams Smith metaphorically speaks of invisible hands in his book, ‘The Wealth of the Nations’, the description squarely match Doctor Amina. She didn’t have any appointment or defined office at the Ministry of Health, Kano State, but her innate urge for seeing better health for all in Kano has kept her resilient in providing services and engagement.

In the same vein, she showcased another managerial prowess when the world was attacked by the plague of the COVID-19 Pandemic early this year.

Doctor Amina commitment to halt the spread of Coronavirus in Kano is highly commendable as she worked day and night with others in battling the virus in the state. And the efforts yielded results, as, within few weeks, the tide was upturned in Kano, with the state dropping from the top of the NCDC table of cases to the bottom. Kano State has succeeded in combating the virus more than any state in Nigeria and as a result, the governor has received a number of recognition for that. What a Daughter! A daughter every parent wants to behold.

On the humanitarian aspect of her, Doctor Amina is a simple woman with a trait of good manners and humane characters that reflected what a rare breed she is. Her unassuming disposition makes much doubt if she is really and truly a daughter to a sitting governor of a mega-state like Kano.

Aminu Yahuza writes from Kano

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