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Time turns full circle for Sanusi


When Sanusi Muhammad II shot himself into intense national reckoning, not because of his job as the number one banker, but because what some termed his loquaciousness in vilifying former President Goodluck Jonathan, many knew he was in tune with the then opposition All Progressives Congress party that was contesting for power. His wishes soon came true in 2015 when Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) became president. Becoming an emir, according to him, was his ultimate ambition; it was his reward for his hard work in ousting Jonathan.

Had he stopped at enjoying the opulence of his office, Sanusi would still have remained on his father’s throne, although many believed he was some sort of usurper for whom the throne was wrestled from the real prince who has now been installed as the new emir, Aminu Ado Bayero.

While the Buhari administration rose to power on the plank of anti-corruption, it was people like Sanusi that provided the armoury with which the opposition successfully fought the electoral battle against Jonathan’s government to oust it out of power. Allegations of stolen billions made the headlines from the Sanusi the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria. If it was not billions of unremitted monies from Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation it was monies taken from the treasury illegally.


In fact, Sanusi was so vociferous in the declamation of the Jonathan government that appointed him to office that his words were regarded as gospel truth. When he was dropped as CBN’s governor, Kano’s incumbent governor who is now also his Achilles heel, Umar Ganduje, installed him as emir. But the romance did not last, as all such things built on falsehood. Soon, the tiger he had fed fat to rise to power would turn against him; it has now devoured him whole and he must live out his remaining days in obscurity in Nasarawa.

When Sanusi began to speak against the powers that brought to him to office as emir it was clear the beginning of the end had come. Importantly, the same allegations of corruption that he leveled against President Jonathan would soon catch up with him. In his case, N300 billion was involved. How he got himself entangled in such mess baffles many of his admirers, who point at his outspokenness as a reason for his dethronement.

Whatever reasons eventually take upper hand in his ouster, it is clear he who makes accusations must not himself be found wanting in anyway possible of the same indiscretions.


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