Friday, 2nd December 2022
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Amidst COVID-19, Ogundele strives to make luxury living affordable

As the world has been ushered into the year 2021 and as the COVID-19 looms ahead after the second wave has been announced...

As the world has been ushered into the year 2021 and as the COVID-19 looms ahead after the second wave has been announced, Managing Director, Sujimoto Construction Company, Sijibomi Ogundele, is not relenting in his quest to make luxury affordable in Nigeria’s real estate sector.

Despite recent spike of positive cases in it’s second wave, Ogundele has been able to navigate through the turbulent waters, therefore making fortune out of fear by gaining the trust of clients and also delivering on his promises to investors. Many wondered how he was able to nurture the business conglomerate from a moribund business to a brand competing with other world’s established real estate firm. 

If Ogundele has given up years ago when the sail was rough, losing billion of Naira in investments on his first attempt, due to Nigeria’s economy recession, he would not be reaping bountifully what he sowed in sweat today. Without tenacity and doggedness, he would probably have been swept away by the turbulent business tsunami. As at today, he is the most sought after luxury property merchant in Nigeria.

At a time when most companies are folding up, Sujimoto, recorded massive growth. Despite the pandemic, the company offered investors 400% ROI in 2 years. First of it’s kind in business investment in the country. Backing his projection with visible, convincing and laudable facts. He said; “Investing in Sujimoto’s Apartments is a wise investment decision anybody can ever take. Imagine you buy $700,000 at off plan and spread payment, upon completion, what you acquired for $700k, would be worth $3Million USD. Fixing that money in the bank will never give you such returns. Our property appreciates. You can as well buy and put it up for shortlet purpose. Be sure of racking in millions of dollars from rents. At Sujimoto, we are committed in quality service delivery. Our locations are highbrow. They keep increasing in value. We are very deliberate and strategic in our decisions. It’s in the best interest of our client.”

Taking a giant stride to greatness, Sujimoto is also creating a 1,200 Luxury apartments named the ‘Sujimoto Diamond City’. The city will also boast of 98,000sqm office spaces, 2 five star hotels, 20,000 seater conference hall, 10,000 car parks, high tech hospitals, sport centre/ gym, independent power supply centre and many more. The smooth-talking trained lawyer, recently signed a deal to build ‘Queen Amina of Zaira By Sujimoto’, one of the Nation’s Treasure House also located in Abuja, with a touch of the medieval and modern Northern building pattern fitted with Arabian Luxury housewares.

In 2021, Sujimoto is working base on it’s long term strategic plan, with the singular aim of transforming and revamping Nigeria’s real estate sector to compete with the rest of the world in terms of quality, affordability and luxury. As most countries in the world have switched to smart and automated homes, Sujimoto is making sure Nigeria is not left behind, bringing smart luxury to every Sujimoto erected architectural masterpieces gracing the skyline of Nigeria and by extension Africa. A visit to his Guiliano by Sujimoto Residence in Banana island, home to pop star, Davido, would keep you amazed.

According to projection from experts and analyst, in the next 5 years, the brand Sujimoto, would be ranked as one of the top 5 luxury real estate firm in the world. The company is working vehemently to meet that projection with newest addition to its list of iconic projects to compete with the best locally also standing among giants globally.

The Leonardo by Sujimoto, erected at the most sophisticated residential area, Banana Island, Lagos, every inch from foundation to finishing will elaborate the true essence of luxury and comfort. The company also took a long journey to the Nation’s capital city; Abuja, where it would be erecting the ‘Queen Amina by Sujimoto’. The luxury twin tower will be erected in the heart of Maitama, Abuja with the aim of disrupting any form of mediocrity in the real estate industry.