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Architects to check malpractices with project registration number

By Emmanuel Badejo
11 May 2015   |   2:59 am
DETERMINED to sanitise the construction industry, Architects Registration Council of Nigeria (ARCON) has introduced a new initiative – Architect Project Registration Number (APRN), calling on all governments to support the initiative.
Mr. Umaru Aliyu,

Mr. Umaru Aliyu,

DETERMINED to sanitise the construction industry, Architects Registration Council of Nigeria (ARCON) has introduced a new initiative – Architect Project Registration Number (APRN), calling on all governments to support the initiative.

The measure, according to ARCON would be a major way forward towards stemming cases of corruption plaguing the construction industry in Nigeria.

Before now, the architects’ regulatory body had insisted that each sheet of architectural drawing must have ARCON security duly signed and sealed.

The drawing must also be accompanied by current practice license of the architect. But instead of reducing the lapses within the industry, it appears the measures are not enough, hence ARCON has further taken this step to tighten loose ends within the industry.

Speaking last week in Lagos during the Lagos Architects Forum 2015 – Lagos 6.0 “The Business of Architecture”, organised by the Nigerian Institute of Architects, Lagos State Chapter, resident, ARCON president, Mr. Umaru Aliyu, said that without the newly introduced number, no architectural drawings in any part of the country could adjudged legal.

He said: “The Council appreciates the untold hardship our members have been subjected to by the unwholesome attitude towards the practice of Architecture in Nigeria over the years.

It is in recognition of this that the Council introduced the use of the ARCON seal, complemented with the use of the security stamps to be affixed on every sheet of the drawings submitted for developmental control/implementation purposes.

“The Council has however gone ahead, of late, to introduce the Architect Project Registration Number (APRN), which is a number assigned by the Council to each architectural project in any part of the country to ensure that only fully registered architects submit architectural drawings for developmental control/implementation and receive approval from relevant approving authorities.

All submissions for development control/implementation must comply with the above.” He called on his colleagues to strive to do the right things, as the country would soon have change of government.

“We are cognizance of the fact that this is a new era for Nigeria and we must strive to do things right. We urge our members to continue to work with us in establishing the business of architecture in an appropriate manner, with best practices and internationally accepted modes and codes of operation.

” Umaru warned foreign architects over incursion into the country without fully complying with relevant laws of the land and the UIA recommended International Standards of Professionalism that guide their practice.

According to him, “The UIA Policy further clearly states that Architects providing architectural series on a project in a country in which they are not registered shall collaborate with a local architect to ensure that proper and effective understanding is given to legal, environmental, social and heritage factors.

The conditions of the association should be determined by the parties alone in accordance with UIA ethical standards, local status and laws, adding that, foreign architects working in Nigeria must have the Nigerian architect as the lead consultant.

President, Nigerian Institute of Architects, Mr. Waheed Niyi Brimmo said he was extremely well pleased to attend the opening of a great event that has metamorphosed in its seventh cycle to a forum of “inestimable enlightenment, exchanges, expositions and exhibitions”.

Earlier, NIA Lagos Chairman, Mr. Ladipo Lewis said the State Chapter had always worked ardently towards contributing positively to the development of Lagos State, evidenced by the various activities organized all year round and expressed by the distinct projects carried out by its members in the city.

The Council has introduced Architect Project Registration number for all architectural projects, and urging authorities not to accept any drawing without its stamp. This, according to the body will aid government’s fight to reduce corruption in the construction industry

He added that their desire was to continuously explore new vistas and strive for excellence, in this context we embrace opportunities that will foster growth whilst at the same time maintaining and abiding within the extant Laws of the land such as the Architects Registration Council of Nigeria Acts, planning regulations and the numerous Union of International Architects accords that guide bilateral relationships between architects, Nigerian and foreign with the public.

According to him, this year theme was so apt at this time, as Nigeria transcends into the largest economy in Africa and becoming the world’s last economic frontier.

“The need to engender the entrepreneurial spirit in our participants has been a recurring theme in all Lagos Architects Forum, which would ultimately lead to the delivering of exceptional buildings, high quality structures, affordable homes, and employment opportunities for the citizens and communities in Lagos State.

The City of Lagos will benefit from the copious knowledge acquired at this event, we can transform our city into an airline, tourism, trade, entertainment and convection hub, Lagos could become the Dubai of Africa, transforming the economy with foreign investment, in tourism, trade, shopping and convention activities, jobs would subsequently be created in abundance.

The need for investment friendly Urban Design and Planning Legislation cannot be over emphasized.”