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Nigeria can be another Dubai in terms of real estate – Omoha


Prince Omoha

Real Estate entrepreneur, the chairman and founder of Prince Luxury Group (PLG) and Prince Omoha Foundation (POF) has made a case that Nigeria can be another Dubai if a leader with the vision of HRH Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum of the United Arab Emirates (UAE ) can rise up from among the people, particularly the younger Nigerians.


Omoha opines that nothing is impossible and states emphatically that the problem of Nigeria is leadership. Omoha revealed that the success story of Dubai has inspired him in no small measure, reasoning that if such a country could transform a desert into the envy of the world, then there should be no impossibility for any nation to attain such height.

“After my first visit to Dubai in 2018, I developed an interest in studying HRH Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum of the United Arab Emirates (UAE ). Recently, I just finished reading two of his books “My Vison” qnd “My Story”, but I’m still trying to unlock the puzzles behind understanding how the king and his late brothers “Sheikh Zayed and Maktoum Bin Rashid Al Maktoum” had such a vision, dreamt and transformed a desert land with no single tree to what is now known as Dubai in a space of 20 years. That alone has taught me that the word “Impossibility” shouldn’t exist in the dictionary because nothing is absolutely impossible,” he states.

According to him, in a message posted on his social media handles, Omoha affirms that nothing is impossible, asserting that Nigeria can rise from its present decay occasioned by years of bad leadership.


“I believe nothing is wrong with us as a people. I believe nothing is wrong with us as a nation. I believe we are not what the world thinks we are and I always stand firm to change and challenge the stereotype wherever I travel. It’s Inconsequential that we are rich as a nation. The only problem we have as a people is that of leadership,” he says

“I strongly believe that this area of leadership in which we have failed can be fixed and it takes only one citizen with visionary leadership to change Nigeria. Yes, the past and present governments have failed, but their failure shouldn’t subdue our ability to rise up and fix this country.

“As a young entrepreneur and real estate developer, committed to improving lives, developing Nigeria and Africa. I have decided to gear up my limit in this journey, and I believe one day, I or someone else will take the realm of leadership of this country and make Nigeria great again.

“To my esteem fellow young Nigerians, let’s keep our hope alive, let’s be optimistic because the “Maktoum” of Nigeria are being born and nurtured and one day the Nigeria of today will be a history and inspiration to other countries going through poor leadership, corruption among other social and governmental vices,” he adds.


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