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‘Design space in Nigeria is evolving to accommodate urbanisation’


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The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Micdee design consultancy agency, Michael Awonowo has said with the rapid adoption of modern and sustainable infrastructure as the future of workplace productivity, the design space in Nigeria is evolving to accommodate the effects of urbanisation and globalisation.

He noted that through economic and innovative use of spaces and materials, the firm is one of few companies doing important work in the scene by going beyond architecture and design.


Micdee Design is a firm based in Lagos and dedicated to designing the best work environments for brands to maximise productivity.

Founded in May 2017, the firm creates unique experiences at the intersection of workplace productivity and effectiveness for a local and international clientele.

Awonowo said: “Micdee started off as a personal dare, I had discovered how to communicate value during my time as an employee and I decided to test out my theory on clients. Architects think like artists: it’s important for us to like what we do. If we’re able to convince clients that we can help them achieve their set goals, then we become valuable to them.


“The biggest factor for us is our strategy sessions, which is one thing we do differently from competitors. We try to understand what the client wants and more importantly, what they do not want. At the end of the day, it’s easy to provide what they need because we listen and make them feel heard.”

“Micdee is premium. I see us evolving into a strategy firm in the sense that in the next 5 – 10 years anytime anybody in Africa wants to optimize workplace efficiency, then we’ll be the name on their lips. All this goes beyond designing a building, beyond architecture. We’re focused on results, it’s not a pivot per se, just us looking to become specialists in our niche.”


Speaking on the importance of strategy in understanding what the client needs, the team’s lead designer, Tola Daini said: “We listen to hear what the client is not saying and recognise the reasons behind key elements of their design choices. We design spaces that identify with their brand values. The more the client feels like we understand “why” the easier it is for them to trust us and what we’re trying to do.”

On her part, the project manager of Micdee, Antonia Joseph said: “Hierarchy is not a big deal at Micdee, each project demands different things from different people so collaboration is the most logical thing to do since we’re trying to ensure user satisfaction.”

Contributing, Micdee’s chief marketing officer, Alice Dako said: “There are different elements to the final product we deliver: having conversations with clients gives us insight on how to improve and grow the business, while also informing the world that we’re really good at what we do. If the United Nations can trust us then it means we are of an international standard.”


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