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Engineers plan technology village in Lagos


To accelerate impact of science and technology in the society, the Nigerian Academy of Engineering (NAE) plans to establish an incubating engineering and technological centre in Lagos.
The facility would also serve as an archive and monument that will protect integrity of local engineers, their achievements as well as promote the growth of current and future endeavours of practitioners.
The new President of the academy, Prof. Fola Lasisi told The Guardian that the technology park is an ongoing programme, which was initiated by the immediate past president of the association to promote global competiveness in engineering applications in the Lagos state.

“A technology park in principle everywhere is designed to promote innovation. Universities that have promoted innovation in engineering started the idea to encourage new businesses.He explained that four universities had pioneered such idea abroad and contributed immensely to the growth and development of their economies.

“The University of Manchester, institute of science and technology and Stafford University, MIT in United States of America are at the core of such idea.So many companies relating to engineering and in information and communication technology in recent years have become very big and successful, because the universities brought in the foundation in theory and the practice and people finance them.”
Essentially, the components of the facility would include; innovation Centre for engineering education, engineering and technology library, high technology laboratory, technology tourism, and technology promotion centre. Others are; data centre, guest apartments, recreation centre and facility management among others.He said: “If countries like china, South Korea and Japan have benefited from such initiative, we are going to benefit a lot too. Promoting engineering innovations and technology helped Japan to come out of the World War II and their country was able to move forward. We are gathering intelligent people together to work on it and also promote entrepreneurship in the youth because we need to develop our own, put local input into it so that there would be uniqueness that services Nigeria interest”.
While stressing that the association is made of elite group who are determined to offer expertise services to the nation, he warned that Nigeria couldn’t develop without engineering and technology.“Our forum is made of retired experts in various fields of engineering, the principle of academy everywhere is that it is made up of an elite group in all areas all over the world and their focus is to be able to leave something tangible behind”.

“We are giving our services, time and energy to build the future. Some people wrote, asking why the academy is filled with old people and not young people. I told them the idea is to bring together people who will strive hard to give services and not those who will be lobbying for contracts and political offices”, he said. 


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