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Group calls for ban of generators to curb ozone depletion


The Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth Nigeria has called on the Federal Government to ban the import and use of generating sets to protect the ozone layer from further depletion.

Executive Director of ERA/FoEN, Dr Uyi Ojo stated this at a workshop with the theme “Stakeholders Consultative Workshop For Promoting Renewable Energy Products” where he lamented that not less than N17 billion was budgeted for the purchase of generators in the 2017 budget.

“We wish to state categorically that the Federal Government and all levels of governance should immediately place a permanent ban on the importation of power generating sets for Ministries, Departments and Agencies  (MDAs) in the country.  Instead, they should work with the budget office to include a budget line for research and development of alternative sources of energy in solar lighting system and fuel efficient cook stoves.

“Nigeria should not be left out in the global shift from fossil fuel dependency to renewable energy as a response to curbing climate change and it’s devastating impacts. In deed the Federal Government Budget Office had earmarked over 17 billion for the purchase of power generating sets and diesel in the national budget for 2017. We condemn this act and this must not be allowed to continue in the next budget circle, “he stressed.

He reiterated that lack of access to modern renewable energy has contributed to climate change. “Climate change impact is catastrophic and killing people almost on a daily basis. About two million people worldwide are living without access to modern energy supply. This means they have no opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty and improve their living conditions. A sustainable energy supply not only reduces poverty, it also reduces dependency on capital intensive fossil fuels and help to protect the environment.

“In Nigeria, the rising energy demand outstrips supply hovering around five, pop MW. As a result of the heavy rainfall, about 70 per cent of the 170 million people depend solely on fuel wood for every, representing one of the world’s highest deforestation rate of 3.5 per cent annually. Deforestation and uncontrolled logging are major contributors to climate that has assumed alarming proportions “.

In her submission, Ms Chineye Anaekwe, Regional Manager, Solar Sister, a non-profit making organization stated that renewable energy remains the only way to safeguard the biosphere and safety of man and environment.

She said that sufficient sales points are created for entrepreneurs, who wants to deal on solar energy products, adding that there are credible alternatives to use of fuel wood by women as it poses serious danger to their health.

“A woman that cook with fuel wood three times a day is equivalent to someone that smokes two packets of cigarette a because of the volume of smoke she takes in from the carbon monoxide which is detrimental to her health and everyone around her. And that could cause cancer of the lungs.

She reiterated that the emission of carbon monoxide which causes greenhouse effect, which also affect the climate leading to the depletion of the ozone layer. “In addition to other gas effects attract negative impact on our lives saying awareness and sensitization remains a key instruments that could assist in reducing the impact of the climate change on the people and the environment at large.”

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