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Interior architecture to signal next frontiers of Africa real estate

By Bertram Nwannekanma
27 November 2017   |   1:16 am
Poised to reposition the real estate industry, major players in the sector have recognized the need for a paradigm shift from the norm to interior architecture, arts and designs.

Poised to reposition the real estate industry, major players in the sector have recognized the need for a paradigm shift from the norm to interior architecture, arts and designs.

Speaking at a briefing to announce the first ever conference and exhibition for Fusion of Real Estate, Interior Design and Art, (FREIA), Group Managing Director and the chief executive officer of Luxury Villas Group, organisers of the event, Mr. Tommy Odama said, Nigeria cannot afford to be a mediocre in the midst of growing need for real estate luxury.

The real estate, he said, is more than just the physical building or structure, but takes more than laying brick on brick, while the interior architecture and design goes a long way to make any structure stand out.

According to him, “there are certain buildings that by just looking at them; you know it’s an art piece. Buildings like the Burj al’arab in Dubai. Those are the kind of structures we want to start seeing in Africa”.

Odama stressed that event scheduled early December at the Civic Centre, Victoria Island, will provide a platform for active collaborations and networking, which will significantly impact the industry in Nigeria.

The ambitious move, he said, also aims to explore the benefits and opportunities of strategically aligning real estate, interior design and art and the masterpieces that can be birthed from this union.

“Nigeria and the African property market in general is evolving rapidly. “Nigeria cannot afford to be mediocre, hence the need for luxury real Estate in to meet that growing demand.“Just as we have luxury settlements like Banana Island and Eko Atlantic, there are similar things happening across Africa, like a new development in Accra called Appolonia City”, he added.

Speaking on the conference’s theme: “ Next Frontiers: Building Tomorrow’s Masterpieces”, the chairman and chief executive officer of Agatha’s Interior Design Limited, Mrs. Agatha Eric-Udorie, said the next frontiers will be the collaboration among people with architectural sense for affordable luxury and the delivery of the luxury to the medium class who are really in need of housing.

Also the founder and director of African Artists’ Foundation (AAF), Azu Nwagbogu, said the event will be an opportunity to showcase art in a more democratic space.

Designed to be the biggest luxury event of the year with an anticipated 2,000 high net worth brands and investors in attendance, the speakers were strategically selected to optimize the essence of the one-of-a-kind Afrocentric event that would create a platform to explore the synergy within the Real Estate, Interior Design and Art Industries.

Such big names in real estate, art and interior design like Andrea Geday, Olajumoke Adenowo, Azu Nwagbogu, Agatha Eric-Udorie are expected in the event, themed coupled with modules of business, intellectual, cultural and artistic activities

Other highlights of the day would include an open exhibition for partners, stakeholders and enthusiasts to showcase distinctive arts and design experiences as well as property acquisition opportunities and partnerships, while the event will wrap up with the official Launch of Villas and Leisure Magazine; a publication that features global trends in real estate, luxury, lifestyle and travel.

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