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Investors spend $1m on Enugu hotel renovation

By Chinedum Uwaegbulam
11 July 2016   |   1:02 am
Amid allegations and negative comments on the status of Presidential Hotel Enugu, the concessionaire - E Hospitality Services Limited has explained that the project is delayed to allow the Enugu State Government...
Presidential Hotel, Enugu before the renovation

Presidential Hotel, Enugu before the renovation

Amid allegations and negative comments on the status of Presidential Hotel Enugu, the concessionaire – E Hospitality Services Limited has explained that the project is delayed to allow the Enugu State Government to appoint its board representative to the company.

The investors say the State Government also needs to sign off on the new execution plan due to the changes in the foreign currency in Nigeria. They also explained that the former lessee whose agreement was terminated and had gone to Court.

In a statement, the Vice Chairman of Primeview the SPV that owns the asset, Chuma Anosike said “ Primeview Hotels Limited is by a duly registered title document, the concessionaire of Hotel Presidential, Enugu and has been in occupation of the property since August 2013.

“The property is and has been under the control of our security personnel and at no time since we took possession of the property has the Hotel premises been used by herdsmen for grazing of cattle. We, therefore, wonder why the author would choose to make such a wild, baseless and tendentious statement especially given the sensitivity of the issue of rampaging herdsmen who have recently caused so much carnage and grief in Enugu State.

On the allegation that the Hotel was sold by the immediate past Governor, Sullivan Chime to his “crony”. “The Hotel Presidential was never sold, Primeview Hotels Limited, the current concessionaire is a Joint Venture Company whose shareholders are E-Hospitality Services Ltd (owned by private interests) and Hotel Presidential Ltd (owned by the Enugu State Government). No sale transaction ever took place nor was any contemplated as part of the Agreement.

“Chime has no direct or indirect interest in either E-Hospitality Services Ltd or Primeview Hotels Ltd. Both companies are duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission and their corporate documents are easily accessible to anyone who wishes to inquire,” he said.

Without holding brief for the past governor, as we are sure he is well able to defend himself, at no time during the negotiation or thereafter did he solicit or demand any stake in either company or any personal benefit for himself.

Again, we are at a loss as to why a responsible person would seek to publish such deliberate falsehood.

According to Anosike, since taking possession of the property, Primeview has spent over US$1 million on conduct of geological survey; conduct of topographical survey; conduct of structural integrity test on building; conduct of environmental impact assessment; complete strip out of pipes, wire in the entire building and complete water proofing and refurbishment of roof

His words: “To those who are knowledgeable about the international Hospitality business, they would appreciate that a lot of preliminary work has to be done before visible activity on site will commence.”

“Following the strip out exercise, the existing structure may not paint a “pretty picture” but it is a necessary part of the complete refitting and renovation which we are committed to executing in order to produce a truly world- class Hospitality facility.

“Consequently, to the untrained eye, it may look like the doors, windows and sanitary wares have “been carted away”.

As our partners in progress, we have engaged with the new administration in the State with a view to moving the Project forward as soon as possible.

“We remain confident that with the completion of our refitting programme, the once iconic property will not only recover its lost glory, it will become a reference point for Hospitality in the South-East Zone and become a major revenue earner for the State which is a shareholder, and act as a catalyst to drive socio-economic activities in the State”