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Lagos renews pledge to deliver Badagry master plan

By Tunde Alao
10 May 2015   |   11:43 pm
NOTWITHSTANDING the winding up of Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola’s administration in less than two weeks from today, the Lagos State Government has allayed the fears in some quarters over the Badagry Master Plan, which is still under way.


NOTWITHSTANDING the winding up of Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola’s administration in less than two weeks from today, the Lagos State Government has allayed the fears in some quarters over the Badagry Master Plan, which is still under way.

According to the state government, everything to ensure the plan was delivered as planned was on line, and change of administration would not in anyway hamper its completion and implementation, when it is eventually unveiled.

According to officials, the state government has decided to create what they described as “three action area plan” for the Badagry Regional Plan.

The Action Area Plans cover three Local Government Areas (LGAs) and five Local Council Development Areas (LCDAs) namely: Badagry, Ojo, Amuwo LGAs and Badagry West, Olorunda, Oto-Awori, Oriade LCDAs including parts of Ajeromi Ifelodun LCDA with a total land area of 87,000 hectares.

This plan, is intended to create an integrated open space network binding the linear nature of the area, to redefine coastal edge supporting investment based activities, residential and commercial development and to provide a road hierarchy devolving from the present primary roads.

For example, Ajegunle Action Area plan policy thrust includes physical developments like housing, schools, clinics, transport and so on.

It also involved public realm quality; street design; supporting cultural importance. Highlighting the policy thrust recently, Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, Mr. Olutoyin Ayinde, stated that perspective of the Ajegunle Waterfront from Badagry Creek was key to the action plan, including Project 5 – Ajegunle Central District.

“For Amukoko Action Area plan is quick wins in expectation. These include Amukoko District Centre; road widening a bridge, known as Sinabu bridge; extension to Ogunniyi and Cemetery road and development of commercial care”.

For Ojo axis, key projects are LASU Station, Alaba New mixed use area, Alaba International Market (Electronics), Linear Park, Market Pier and Channel Development. Others are Ojo School and Health Project and Ojo Waterfront development.

Key projects in Badagry Town Action Area Plan include the Coconut Jetty and Market, Badagry market, Waterfront development, Promenade, “Historic Core”, Civic Square and Library Square, while Okokomaiko Area Plan has the following as key projects: North Link Road; Okokomaiko Business District; Okokomaiko Parkland; expressway link roads; New Health Facility; reconstruction of notable roads that include Joke Oduwole Street, Akere Street North and commercial block of estates.

“The truth is that physical development plans are operative development plans adopted for particular areas. Development Plans are in hierarchical order as follows: State Regional plan, Sub Regional Plan/Master Plan (model city plan), district plan, action plan, local plan and subject plan,” said official.

State Regional Plan is an outline plan that specifies major land uses, infrastructure and communication/transportation corridor which seek to achieve even development within the State, while Master Plan/Model City Plan is a comprehensive plan for state sub-regions specifying broad intentions for the use and development of the areas that cover within the state usually for a period of twenty years.

“But what we are doing here in Badagry is the district Plan aiming at the development plan that interprets the policies and requirements of comprehensive development plans thereby presenting clearer indication of future disposition of major land uses, development patterns and population distribution in the areas of their jurisdiction”, said Ayinde, adding that local plan, a development plan complementing part or all of a district plan indicating in greater details disposition of all uses and facilities required for comprehensive and complete development of a specified area and a designated population.

He said action area plan, as manifested in the various plan was written and graphical statement indicating detailed objectives at realising overall development intervention of an identified planning area.

The Commissioner confirmed that the process for the review and preparation of a new regional plan is in progress, noting however that, the existing Regional Plan provided the framework for the Ministry to embark on the preparation and conclusion of the following plans: Badagry Master Plan, Apapa Model City Plan and Mainland Central Model City Plan.

He stated that eight physical development plans were produced between 2011 and 2015.