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Ostia Island scheme broaches new city development frontiers


An illustration of the proposed Ostia Island Estate in Lagos

Quietly but steadily, the whitish sand-water mix is churned out of giant underwater pipes as the roaring waves of the Lagoon give way to advancing machines, and the foundations of a new city literally emerge off the shores of Lagos waters.

The general outlines of what is apparently one of the most ambitious and comprehensive mixed use development plan to come on stream in the nation’s commercial capital in recent times, will soon be formally unveiled as a man-made island.

The new project, driven by Ostia Homes and Properties Limited in partnership with Lagos State Government, has been named Ostia Island Estate. The proposed live, work and play community shares close proximity with Orange Island. The large parcel of land measuring approximately 100 hectares offers a generous lagoon view, whistling wind, range of visiting birds and natural surroundings.

The scheme is being created through dredging and reclamation of the Ostia Island, which has already commenced while the master plan is at an advanced stage. When completed, the Island is expected to become a super modern residential, mixed-use and commercial land use estate tailored in the same standing with Eko Atlantic City and Orange Island, it is expected that the new city will be home to no fewer than 30,000 families.

Dredging and sand filling are undertaken by seasoned dredging company, Van Oord Nigeria Limited. Other Partners in the project are Mepas and Prodel Nigeria Limited, town planning, engineering and architectural services consultants; Great Scale Planners and Play Architects, amongst others.

“Ostia Island will leverage on modern engineering and technology because of competence and capacity of various consultants involved in the project,” according to the Samson Agbato, Senior Partner, Samson Agbato Consulting, the lead marketing and sales agent.

Agbato explained, “With an increasing population of over 23 million and aspiration for greater economic development, there is a strong need to provide additional but strategically planned urban areas within Lagos State. However, space for this within the central areas of Lagos is heavily restricted.

“In response to the need for land, for immediate and future development, the sponsor envisions Ostia Island to complement the efforts of government in land delivery and towards achieving the mega city status of the state.”

The Guardian learnt that the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the project has been conducted while on-going reclamation works will end by February 2021 while in 2022, the site will be ready for actual development. Other estate firms involved in the attracting investors and prospective homeowners to the upscale estate are White Rose and Heygate Associates.

“We have commercial, residential area and recreational area, so there is a lot investors can do with the land they buy. An investor can build anything they want as long it complies with the planning and building code; every investor must also conform to the plan of the island, especially the renewable energy aspect,” he said.

“We want to create an atmosphere that is eco-friendly and sustainable. So, Ostia Island is going to be designed to be conscious about these things; the water people drink and air they breathe in. We are channeling these into real estate development to ensure that people who live there remain healthy.”

Agbato told The Guardian that Play Architects is bringing innovation to the scheme through an application that allows prospective investors to pick their designs, based on various options. “We don’t want to have replication of designs within the estate,” he said.

In fact, the masterplan comprises, low and medium density residential areas, plots for business and commercial, educational, health care and public facilities. There are also space carved out for utilities, green and public open space and roads.

Features of the proposed island include, modern and efficient infrastructural facilities, independent 24/7 power supply, water and wastewater treatment, and fiber optic communication connections to every plot. “Plots of land are delivered with connection to utility services, each subscriber will enjoy seamless Deed of Assignment/ perfection of title (Governor’s Consent) as well as planning approval process,” Agbato said.

Already, the marketing agents have kick-started an off plan sales, which allows installment payment over 12 months. The plots varies from 600 to 1000 square metres. A square meter goes for N100,000. The least plot is pegged at N60 million.

The project when completed is expected to bring significant economic benefits to Lekki corridor through direct investment in local economy, knowledge sharing and publicity of the State as a modern Mega City. The Island will also unlock the growth potential for property development and future investment.

From the forgoing and in order to achieve seamless marketing and sales therefore, it is very important that due diligence is exhibited at the point of project concepts, designs, execution/implementation.

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