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2019 garden trends



The Good life with Power of Plants
In today’s world where news travels at the speed of now, people are searching for balance and purpose, and tapping into the power of plants to cultivate the ‘new good life’. Plants are powerful and play a vital role in our lives. Besides beautifying our homes and gardens, they’re vital to our health and wellbeing. Plants elicit powerful positive emotions, revive neighborhoods, and influence everything from what to eat to celebrating life’s milestones. Plants are no longer a luxury, but a necessity for our lives. Plants can live without us, but we cannot live without plants. Plants are powerful whether it’s enjoying garden-to-table meals or sharing great new plant finds, people are naturally drawn to plants.

The Power of Plants
Studies prove that plants are more than just a pretty face, from the power of healing to restoring neighborhoods, plants are vital for healthy, balanced lives. For a growing army of eco-conscious generation are embracing a connection with plants based on economic, environmental impact, health and wellness. The pursuit of health and quality of life is the number one influence of the goods and services we choose.

At a recent Chelsea Flower Show in England, the influence to protect the earth’s resources showcased gardens with wind turbines, and reclaimed materials, water saving plants and vertical walls.


We are finding joy in nature to achieve peace and purpose. While we have been obsessed with technology and absorbed with self-care, the planet has been gasping for air. But there’s hope on the horizon.

2019 predicts a move towards a healthier relationship with the expanding technological world and dives deep into the value of maintaining our connection with nature.

Today’s ‘social clock” society is online 24 hours, seven days a week. In a desert of work, stress and too much time on the internet, nature both indoors and outside has become an oasis.

Stress Relief
By 2030, anxiety will be the number one health issue, outranking obesity. A recent survey by Ypulse shows 81 per cent of 18-34 year olds are making mental health a priority, looking for new ways to balance physical and mental wellness via “digital detox”. Switching off the technology, and getting outside. Gardening and plants can play a big part in mental wellness. Being surrounded by air-purifying plants, creating a quiet tranquil space, eating a plant-based diet are reflections of wellness trends that have become status symbols for people who make health a priority.

Garden trends predicts a move towards a higher value on increasing our connection with nature and sees a beginning of a change from the ‘Me’ generation to a focus on ‘SHE’ – ‘Mother nature’.

From rock in the garden to rocks in the living room, nature becomes more important in our lives. Many people want their gardens and their homes to be sanctuaries of tranquility, reflecting their ideal concept of nature.
Folks are bringing the outdoors in with houseplants, that are affordable, easy care, and in a wide array of colors, which are perfect, not just decorating. Touted for their health benefits and styling credentials indoor plants have hit homes and apartments with a vengeance.

Inner Gardening
Decorating our inner gardens with houseplants for better, healthier lives is now the new norm. These natural oxygen machines clean indoor air while bringing life and beauty to any room whether you want ferns, peace lilies or palms, bring nature in and green up your spaces for a better, healthier you.

While there are only so many different indoor plant varieties you can buy, there are countless ways to style them. 2019 will be more creative with styling. People want easy low maintenance plants that give plenty of color and are pests and drought resistant.
People are becoming more creative with pots, plant stands, and macramé plant hangers. Rather than green walls, we’ll see shelves full of greenery. People want to invest in mature plants, which makes the style more effective and easy.
This year we are seeing a real trend to bring the outside indoors. Plants are decorating spaces as “art-in-motion”. Plants create instant beauty and give a boost of oxygen and clean the air.

Homeowners are continuing to extend their space by moving plants, décor and accessories outside. It is easy to expand your home’s boundaries and add indoor charm to your patio, deck and garden using great indoor plants like ferns, palm, spider plants, peace lilies which are easy, mobile and super air purifiers. Plants like orchids and bromeliads create instant beauty. And ornamentals continue to be fashionista beautifiers, in containers, landscapes, mixed or mass planted.

As we travel more, we tend to bring more of our memories home, creating escapist retreats. We are ‘ uber-trendy’ with anything, all up in patterns, textures and colors. Color is first and foremost in a gardener’s mind. People get their inspiration from flowers. Foliage however adds a more sophisticated look, so look for shades of green to be dominant in planting schemes. Also people will want large scaled ‘found objects’ for their garden. People love those unusual pieces to add personality and a touch of the exotic; folk art accents, antiques and handcrafted, one-of-a-kind artisan pieces, rustic stones for pathways, patios, walls, and hidden trails, which bring an added sense of discovery and destination, charm and intimacy to any garden.

In Living Color
Neon colors, pop art and color blocking are influencing fashion on the runways to fashion in the garden. From Tangerine Tango, the new pantone color to deep purples and soothing greens, colors are all over the landscapes.

With rich gemlike colors, you can create your own personal piece of paradise. Tropic escape hibiscus and Bahamas bay hibiscus produce huge flowers that last twice as long as regular hibiscus and are perfect for decorating patios and landscapes.

Create Technicolor with new ‘Bloomtastic.! Bouganvillea patio trees, new Patio Tropic Desert Rose, Adenium ‘Kissable Pink’, is carefree and adds intense hot tropical color to patios, balconies and poolside.

Whether you’re gardening in the yard, decorating a balcony, patio or deck with blended containers, or growing herbs in the kitchen counter or wall, it’s clear that “mother nature” is back!

Reconnecting with the Natural World
One of the reasons nature is calling us is thousands of years of evolution. We have a link to the natural world which really goes to the essence of who we are.. It’s where our minds evolved. It is where we became who we truly are, and its where; really we are most at home.


Rooted Together
Our love of the natural world is our best defense for saving it. Sustainable development and eco-services re not doing enough to protect the planet. But there is hope, finding joy in nature will help save the environment, and in turn, save us.

The future for gardening looks joyful and holds a connection to mother nature that just may be the saving grace of the planet.

The intrinsic connection people have with nature and how banding together could be the best defense to protect the earth. This awakening cultivates a healthier relationship with expanding technology; draws people outside, brings them in touch with their roots and gardening is a natural feat.

In 2019, we are finding ways towards a healthier relationship with the expanding technological world and trends in design, color and technology that will strengthen our relationship with Mother Nature. 2019 garden trends demonstrates how changing habits can cultivate a healthy lifestyle, healthy community and healthy planet.

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