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A Sanctified Sexuality


MaritalSex-2 18-4-15 Copy“AND Adam knew Eve, his wife…” Gen 4 vs. 1.

“Then said Mary unto the angel, ‘how shall this be, seeing I know not a man” Luke 1 vs. 34.

“Therefore, Sarah laughed within herself, saying, ‘after I am waxed old shall I have pleasure, my Lord being old also?” Gen. 18 vs. 12.

Having shared my opinion on sexual problems encountered in marriages, I received a lot of responses. Yet, I need clear certain assumptions.

I am not a doctor, but just a pastor and counselor.

I do not recommend drugs. I mentioned Viagra, but did not recommend the use or disuse of it.

But if anyone needs drugs for treatment of ailments related to sex, then one should consult a professional health officer. There are good drugs at the pharmacy these days.

Most of the practical ways of solving sexual dysfunctions have been indirectly stated in the article. So, I suggest we go back to some of those write-ups.

We would notice some very effective practical ways to enhance performance.

I want to recommend that we go through all the articles in this column. If possible, you can browse the net (Internet) and get former articles so related. It would really help.

Feel free to send messages. If we have not replied, we will soon.

I do sincerely appreciate all counsels, prayers, suggestions and questions. We are equally committed to you. And I trust God, soon, everything will be fine in your marriages and personal lives. Answers will come.

I am aware that there are single persons reading this column too. Our prayer is that God will find you and help you fit rightly in destiny’s path.

In this edition, I want to tell us that we can have a satisfying sex in our marriages, in spite of all odds. If we approach our seeming challenge rightly, it won’t be a hindrance to the bliss you expect in your affair.

The word ‘sanctifies’ actually means separated for a purpose. When something is separated like that, we term it ‘sacred.’

Sacred things are satisfying, wholesome and soul lifting. So should sex with our spouses be.

Sarah had ‘pleasure’ with her husband at 100 years of age. How can a man at that age give pleasure in sex?

I will share a few things I have discovered that can make you enjoy your sexual relationship.

Share it with your rightful partner. Once you are married, see your spouse as the one you are meant to share that wonderful experience with. If you love a person, it is not really difficult to make love to him or her.

Love your spouse, outside sex, and the sex itself would be satisfying. Love can be learnt. Someone said mothers love their children in a special way because they actually carried them in the womb for nine months and gave them suck. I don’t agree.

People have loved some children they thought were theirs … just thinking the children were theirs stirred up a strong bond.

Love is simply an awareness, acceptance, and value. Just accept your spouse as part of your life and you will notice the dramatic change in your emotion, and the pull will be strong.

Stay healthy. Eat right, exercise often. Don’t take it for granted. Deliberately plan your needs. Vegetables, fruits, proteins, etc are very nourishing. It has to be balanced.

Exercise at least twice a week. It is easy. No one needs inspect you. Just skip till you sweat or go swimming. It will keep you in shape.

Also, keep your mind properly exercised, play games, puzzles, solve mathematic or read materials that would stimulate the mind intellectually. Write exams. Engage in a quiz or debate.
More than anything, our mind affects our performance. Read a little biology, study human body and you will do a better sex.
Never compare; we are all different. We live in a performance-based generation and the way we measure performance is bad. We often overlook the huge difference in our make-up and experiences.

In trying to make the world a global village, we try to become what we are not. God had ‘determine the times before appointed and the bounds of their habitation’ (Acts 17 vs. 26).

When we were born, place and parents, and experiences are unique features of our make-up and destiny. We are not supposed to do this exactly the way someone else does it.

See our heights, colours, dispositions, language, kind of friends, people we meet, changes along our lives, etc.

Don’t expect anyone to ‘perform’ like the porn star in the movie. I am not against learning and change; I am only saying we should not forget our uniqueness. There are things we shouldn’t change.

So, while you improve on performance, make sure it is you. Make sure you present exactly your size of penis or boobs, or whatever the way God made you.

We can only be the best of ourselves even in sex. Please understand your spouse and stop expecting what they can’t offer.

Have a positive outlook on life. The Bible says Abraham’s body was dead (like weak erection or totally impotent) Rom4 vs. 19 – 20. But he had pleasure with his wife! How? He was weak in body, but ‘stronger in faith.

Sarah was his wife. He made love to her anyway. She was barren, but they had sex.

Some of us have allowed depression and expectations of society to rob us of the joy of living. Life is too short to be little my friends. Enjoy the moment.

Fondle each other. Ravish the body. Enjoy what you have. See, have fun. The desire to have orgasm has caused lot of problems in sexual relationship. We can improvise.

I personally do not see what is wrong in using sex toys (of course with your spouse) if it would guarantee the satisfaction and hasten orgasm.

Sex is more of touches than ‘banging’ and ‘yanking off’ (see Gen 20 vs. 6,4; 1st Cor 7 vs. 1-2).

Just enjoy it! Abraham was giving glory to God. Be thankful. Miracles will happen in your home. Be lively and happy. Avoid endless quarrels. Settle it quickly.

We worry about the size of the breast or penis. Even a man’s nipples and buttocks can be very exciting. The whole body is covered with the largest sex organ in the world- THE SKIN.

Explore it. Kiss, hug, nibble, stroke, tickle, squeeze add another thing … longer foreplay guarantees satisfaction in sex.

How about making love without sex? See, sex is wonderful. It reduces stress and blood pressure, boosts immunity, burns calories, creates better self-esteem, creates deeper intimacy, boosts body’s painkillers (endorphins) and generates better sleep.

Sex helps define who we are and how we connect with life. But I need to tell you that our sexual enjoyment extends far beyond the immediate physical crescendo. It should have significance in our broader fulfillment.

More than sex, we need love. Do we share intimacy, secrets, lay bare our sensitivity and vulnerability? Do we connect deep in the souls? I would rather have a soul-mate than a bed-mate.

We need each other beyond the folds of bed sheets or the rush of morning sex. That whole exhaustion would be meaningless if we don’t know how to make love to the heart! The greatest feeling in the world is not that of sex, but to know that someone in this world thinks of you more than anything or anyone else.

Have you achieved that?
– E. C. Samuel

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  • Izeobor

    By their fruits ye shall know them! Pastor, what recipe can you proffer to your followers and readership that will catapult them to heaven or eternal bliss here on earth? Leave sexual virility to the experts.