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Accessorise like a pro on the go


You can put on your favourite outfit for a night on the town and feel like something is missing and you are right. Until you put on some amazing jewellery, the outfit doesn’t feel complete.

As people express themselves through their clothing and jewellery choices, the pieces they wear with any outfit remain of great importance. When the entire look comes together, you appear and feel better and it shows in all you do. In fact, what a person wears has been shown to impact their psychological processes, and accessorising can help with this through something known as enclothed cognition. What accessories should you be adorning?


Bold Metals
Heavy metal accessories will always be hot and it’s easy to see the reason. Individuals who love to show off their fashion sense in a bold way find heavy metal chains of help in achieving this goal, but they also benefit those who are simple dressers. The addition of the chain allows them to look like they just stepped out of the pages of a fashion magazine while still keeping the look simple. The statement chains allow a person to mix chic fashion with an industrial accessory for a look that is truly their own. Many people choose to combine metal finishes to add depth to the outfit. When doing so, it’s best to mix a warm metal with a cool one. For example, choose one copper or gold piece and combine it with an iron or silver piece.

Dainty Silver Bracelets
If you don’t like heavy metals, a silver bracelet with a delicate charm serves as a good alternative. You can customise your bracelet with the help of a charm. Another option is to add brightly coloured gems or stones to the bracelet; this serves as an excellent way to add style to a neutral or monochrome outfit without going overboard.


Pearls will never go out of fashion. Women have been wearing these stones for centuries now because they offer a timeless look that goes with any outfit. Women find these gems offer a vintage feel while remaining in style. A woman can give a nod to previous generations by wearing pearls and do so in a sleek and chic way. She simply combines the pearls with the bold metals described above for a look that is all her own. Pearls come in bright white, baby pink, peach cream and more.

Crystal Pendants
Crystals serve as a gorgeous accessory for an outfit and a person can learn a great deal about someone by the crystal they wear. For instance, an amethyst crystal is seen to offer inspiration and come with cleansing and protection properties. Quartz crystals are believed to offer protection against negativity, while turquoise ones represent strength, wholeness, and truth whilst an emerald crystal signifies compassion, abundance and love. However, a person might also wear a crystal pendant simply because it completes their outfit.



Women often look for items to adorn their ears, necks, and fingers but tend to overlook their ankles when choosing new jewelry. However, statement anklets remain popular today, and every woman should consider investing in at least one. These high-fashion items add flair to any outfit. Ease into this trend by purchasing a tiny anklet and once you feel comfortable, branch out and purchase one with more flair.

Heavy-Duty Chokers
Heavy-duty chokers made their way onto the fashion scene in the late 1990s and have been coming and going since then. Combine the choker with a plunging neckline and complete the look with clean hair and makeup. For example, a chic outfit and slicked hair go great with a statement choker. Keep the makeup light to avoid detracting from the overall look.


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