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If your interior wall paint is still the flat paint, then interior décor evolution has long left you behind and it’s time to catch up.
Satin and Matte paint does not just completely cover up the cracks, spots and inadequacies of your walls, but also bestows your walls with perfect smooth surface and glow that stands the test of times especially during the rainy seasons.


Effect of Satin paint on your wall
Often called satin finish, it has a beautiful lustre with a bit more gloss than bestows it with a velvety appearance.

• Satin paint is considered the best paint for the interior as it provides elegance and a pearl-like finish. 
• Provides a long-lasting finish and enhances the look of interior spaces.
• Holds up well to the weather, and is resistant to chipping and peeling.
• It dries quickly and provides a long-lasting, high-quality finish to walls.
• Aside from the absolute cover-up it gives to your walls, it also glows your walls.
• Wall satin finish is highly durable and stands up exceptionally well to scrubbing and regular cleaning.
• Resist moisture and provides a soft polished appearance to walls and woodwork.


Where to paint with a satin finish in your interior
Satin finishes are an excellent choice for your living room, especially on your 3Ds. It should be used on the walls of high traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms due to its moisture-resistant properties.

Aside from being used on the walls, satin finishes can also be used to paint framing elements like trim, particularly if the architecture of a space is to be highlighted. It is recommended to use satin finishes to paint the children’s room due to its cleaning durability as children are prone to always touching, staining, and writing on the walls.

Where to use paint with Matte finishes
Because matte finishes are not as easy to clean as the satin paint, they are best suited for areas that do not see a lot of traffic or dirt. Hence they are the best choice for bedrooms, however, they can also be used for the other interior space with less traffic.

How to clean your satin finish wall
It is advised that you clean your satin finish wall with a wipe and avoid abrasive scrubs as satin paint might lose its lustre if scrubbed too roughly.


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