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Agbani Horsfall’s Holy Spirit for launch on Sunday, July 25

By Daniel Anazia
10 July 2021   |   3:02 am
Abuja-based multi-talented gospel artiste, Agbani Horsfall, is set to launch her virtual song entitled Holy Spirit on Sunday July 25.


Abuja-based multi-talented gospel artiste, Agbani Horsfall, is set to launch her virtual song entitled Holy Spirit on Sunday, July 25.

According to her, the launch will also avail her of an opportunity to meet and greet her fans.

“The way I feel every time I want to release a new song is spending more time in my prayer room, seek God to move mightily as the world hears this song and let His presence be felt. Let lives be changed and let God alone take the glory,” she said.

The gospel singer recalled that last year, she released her debut album, Spirit of The Living God with tracks like King of Kings, Belongs to You, Kiniyanabo, Love of My Life, Belema (Love), Same God, and Celebrate (a Christmas song) with various genres of music.

The native of Buguma in Rivers State disclosed her hope of releasing more singles and releasing her second album next year.

Commenting on one of her songs, Ahurum-gi-nanya, Horsfall said: “It is about the Holy Spirit, my love for God and the way He loves and has blessed me.”

She also commended her friend, Ezzine, who is based in the United Kingdom, for helping her translate the song.

On plagiarism and piracy, the artiste said: “I don’t copy other people’s songs because I don’t and won’t encourage plagiarism or piracy. All my songs have always been my original work, thought and creativity and the Holy Spirit mostly inspires them. So I’m most grateful to God because it is not by my power nor by my might.”

To Horsfall, the role of a gospel artiste and gospel is to provide a way for people to maintain balance in their lives through their songs.

“It helps people to uphold a balance between their career, faith, family and daily life. Also, the role of gospel artiste is to uplift and encourage believers, preach the gospel of Christ through their music with the hope of bringing salvation to people and letting the world know that Jesus is Lord.

“My music exhibits the deep love and affection I have for God who remains steadfast to us. The messages in my songs have always been about salvation and love, as love is the bedrock of living.

“I always express it in my music and has also been a medium through which God speaks to people. There’s too much noise in the world about vulgar things, all mostly expressed in music and dance. If the things of God should be heard, music ministers need to do more,” she stated.

Horsfall enjoined gospel artistes whose mode of dressing does not portray the type of music they sing to amend their ways and be true Christian that should look decent at all times. According to her, God does not look at the outward appearance but inside the heart.

Asked to name her favourite song from her catalogue of records, she denied having any favourite “because every song is unique and keeps getting better because the Holy Spirit inspires them.”

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