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Baskets and Tubes


Tired of typical planters, and ready for change? Think outside the pot. Here I have some ideas like using wicker baskets and car tyres as planters.

This is what your yard or garden need, something more creative. I like using unusual containers for planting. Anything that can hold soil can be planted. One of such favorite containers are wicker baskets.

They are rustic, blend in well with the surrounding and provide excellent drainage for plant that need that kind of condition. A typical basket can last four years in the garden.

Find baskets inexpensively from roadside plant nurseries or in the local market or artisans’ communities. Look for baskets with unusual shapes, colors and texture. Think about hanging on balconies, porches, fences, entrances or deck railing. After you have chosen your basket, line the bottom and sides with newspaper. The newspaper prevents the soil from coming out of the basket and help retain moisture, but still allow for good drainage. Do not use plastic, as the root will not get enough oxygen.


Make your own potting soil to match the kind of plants you are growing. Fill the basket with a mixture of one part potting soil to one part compost. The compost will provide nutrients and ensure good drainage. At this point, you can also add a handful of organic fertilizer if the potting soil does not contain fertilizer. Follow the manufacturer instruction for the amount to be used based on the size of your basket as you would any other container. Use plants that like good drainage and that are suitable for the lighting conditions where you will place your basket (sun or shade). Leave at least an inch at the top to allow for watering and mulch. You can take your gardening to new heights and use hanging baskets to grow fruits and vegetables. Planting fruits and vegetables in hanging baskets is a great way to maximize space, add more visual interest to your garden and save money on your grocery. Hang baskets filled with flowers to add spots of color in a little space. In nature a certain number of plants grow on the side of trees, and rocks. Baskets are often made of natural fibres and a natural choice for potting a plant.

Succulents and most annuals grow really well in baskets.
Add water-absorbing crystals to the soil to help retain moisture, compost works well also.
In really hot weather, basket may need to be watered twice a day, especially if you have used a small basket or if the roots of the plants have completely filled the basket.

Do you have old tyres? Don’t throw them away saying they are not eco-friendly. Re-use them with caution as planters. Make sure never to grow edible plants with them, because tyres heat up in tropical conditions. If you live in colder climate, this phenomenon is good for you as tyres insulate plants and provide warmth to them.

Create raised bed tyre garden. Raised beds made of tyre border the plants and help them to grow in order. If growing vegetables or herbs in these raised beds, make sure to use big tyres and ensure they’ll not heat up much.

A pond in the garden gives it a complete look; it is an essential part of garden design. If you haven’t made it, use large trawler or tractor or car to make it, paint it using durable and not quality outdoors spray paint. You can have fishes swimming in it and grow aquatic plants like lilies

Make garden furniture using old tyres. Use your imaginations to refurbish them to make tyre chairs, tyre stools and other garden furniture.

You can make tyre swing and hang it in your garden in a cool shady spot. Children love this; just paint a tyre with shiny and bright colors and make cool design over it. Take care hanging, you can use both the ropes and chain to hang it.

You can make a cozy pet bed and keep in the garden. Choose the right size tyre according to your pet size. You can also implant cushions in to make it more comfortable

Adding something different from the usual plastic pot, such as planters made of baskets and recycled old tyres is not only smart but also add creative aspect and ingredients in gardening. That is what your garden or yard truly need for colorful decoration and functionaliy needs.

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Baskets and Tubes
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