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BBNaija 7: Tension as Biggie unleashes more twists, intrigues

By Guardian Nigeria
03 September 2022   |   2:30 am
In what seemed like the norm, the Head of House games were held on Monday in the Big Brother Naija Level Up house. Sticking to last week’s rules, there were two games to determine the new HOH

End of The Road For Amaka, Modela

In what seemed like the norm, the Head of House games were held on Monday in the Big Brother Naija Level Up house. Sticking to last week’s rules, there were two games to determine the new HOH. As incumbent, Chomzy sat out the games.

The first round featured only the male housemates battling against each other followed by the female housemates. At the end of the first game, the top two males and females would participate in the second challenge.


For the first game, housemates were expected to transfer as many marbles as possible from a bowl to empty saucers at the other end of the Arena, using a flat tray provided. They were to do this within a minute while carrying the tray flat on the palm of their hand. They were not allowed to use any other method to carry the tray nor were they to use the other hand to guide the marble into the saucer. Fallen marbles were to be left on the floor and housemates who tried to circumvent the rules or cheat were to be disqualified.

As instructed, the male housemates went first and after the buzzer, Biggie asked each participant to count their marbles guided by Chomzy. Adekunle and Dotun emerged as the winners of the first round with 14 and 11 marbles respectively.

Next up were the ladies and like the men’s round, their game was also timed at one minute. At the sound of the buzzer to signify the end of the round, Chomzy was asked to help count the marbles once again. Phyna and Chi Chi had the most marbles with 32 and 10 each and emerged as female participants for the next game.

For the next game, the challenge was to pop a balloon with written instructions in it. The participants were only allowed to pop the balloon one at a time until one of them pops the balloon filled with the instruction. Whoever does that would emerge as the new Head of House.

In the order dictated by Phyna, the four participants went through two rounds with no success. In the third round, Dotun successfully popped a balloon with paper and emerged as the sixth Head of House in Big Brother Naija Level Up.

For his reward as the new Head of House, he would be immune from eviction and allowed the use of the HOH bedroom with his chosen companion, Daniella. He would however be exempted from the next HOH games and Daniella would not be immune from eviction.

After listing their rewards, Biggie called out Sheggz and Allysyn as the tails of the house for having the least performance in the games. As punishment, they were shown a special box containing outfits and face paints that the housemates may use to dress the two tails of the house.

But in a surprising twist, Big Brother asked the housemates to nominate two people for immediate eviction. At the end of the short diary session, Amaka emerged with the most nominations and was asked by Biggie to leave the house immediately. Her eviction makes her the eighth housemate to leave the Big Brother house.

The fourth eviction show of the BBNaija Level Up edition came with fresh energy, although the week preceding it was filled with anything but peace among the housemates.

The previous week, the two levels merged into one and as expected it brought chaos, drama and more. All of these were featured as Ebuka started the night with a run-through of the week’s highlights.

These included Amaka almost setting the house on fire, Biggie’s reprimand of Sheggz and Bella’s act of sabotaging their teammates when not paired, Chi Chi’s punishment for destroying Diana’s properties, and some fights that involved Phyna, Sheggz, Amaka and Bryann.

The recap also covered last Monday’s Head of House games where Chomzy emerged as the first female HoH for this season. Going into the house, the host had a chat with Chomzy and asked about the gossip trail that involved three other female housemates. Speaking her mind, she shared that Amaka was the one who started the gossip trail and was lying about it.

Next up, Ebuka asked Dotun about his “supposed” feelings for Daniella and he shared that he harbours romantic feelings toward her. Giddyfia was next on the hot seat as the host asked him about his situation with Diana, Amaka and Rachel. The week’s recap also covered the housemates’ diary sessions with Biggie.

Ebuka continued grilling the housemates and turned the spotlight on Rachel who shared that she believes Giddyfia has some feelings for her. For Phyna, he asked about her complicated relationship with Groovy despite telling Beauty that Groovy was not worth the tears and stress. Teasing Chi Chi about her punishment, he asked about her relationship with Deji and she thinks the feeling is mutual.

Diving into a quick music break, Alpha P got the audience grooving to his hit song, Majo. Speaking with the audience, Miz Vick asked two of them their thoughts about the Level Up season and who their favourite housemates were.

Asking the nominated housemates to stand, Ebuka surprised them by informing them that they’d lived with a fake housemate and asked the ‘fake housemate’ to come out. Stepping forward, Modella was told to say goodbye as she had been evicted.

In her interview with Ebuka, she shared that she was grateful for the experience and wished she were a real housemate. She also shared that her relationship with Bryann was pure vibes and ultimately looks forward to the opportunities Biggie’s house has presented to her.

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