Wednesday, 4th October 2023

BBNaija: Tension as eviction hammer dangles on housemates

Anybody following the ongoing Big Brother Naija season 6 will tell you that gradually, things are getting interesting. Each week, Biggie brings on those twists

Jackie B, Jay Paul Safe

Anybody following the ongoing Big Brother Naija season 6 will tell you that gradually, things are getting interesting. Each week, Biggie brings on those twists and turns that earned BBNaija the most-watched reality show in the country. However, by tomorrow, more housemates will have to say their goodbyes.

For this week’s Head of House (HoH) challenge, the BBNaija Shine Ya Eye housemates were all gingered to bring their A-game after the triple eviction last Sunday night. In a shocking twist, Big Brother told the housemates that the HoH challenge and nomination process would be rolled into one.

The male and female to finish the fastest would become the ‘Heads’ of House and will share the lounge as well as receive joint immunity. At the end of the challenge, the other 15 housemates will be put up for possible eviction.

The first challenge required the housemates to drink whatever number they roll on the dice. The second challenge required the housemates to eat eggs soaked in a milky concoction before moving on to the next challenge. For challenge number three, the housemates had to enter the slimy pool and pick two keys, which they dropped in a bucket held by a skeleton. The fourth challenge required them to crawl slowly across a slippery path from one end to another. And for the fifth and final challenge, the housemates used a straw to transfer a reddish concoction into beakers.

Saga had the honour of starting the game, but luck wasn’t on his side, as he didn’t find any of the keys. Nini took on the challenge, tried very hard not to puke, and ended up without a key. WhiteMoney gave it his best but didn’t find a key as well. At the end of the grueling challenge, Jackie B and Jay Paul emerged winners of the double HoH whilst the rest of the housemates were automatically put up for possible eviction on Sunday, 5 September.

Meanwhile, last Sunday, the BBNaija Shine Ya Eye housemates had to say goodbye to three of their own – JMK, Sammie, and Maria. Ebuka went straight into the eviction only nine minutes into the live show, with JMK leaving first, Sammie second and Maria much later in the show.

During the nomination show, the housemates put up JMK, Peace, Pere, Maria, Sammie, and Queen for possible eviction. Head of House, Liquorose, chose to save Peace and replace her with Cross, placing him on the chopping block. After an intense week of bond building, fun tasks, Liquorose’s strict regime, and extreme parties, the week finally came to a head with three evictions.

JMK left on a high note, telling Ebuka that she’s excited for all the good things that await her outside the house. She also told him she would miss Angel because they had a sisterhood she didn’t expect and Whitemoney because of his food. She’ll also miss Cross, Saga and Queen.

Answering the ‘what next question’, JMK said, “Everything good o! Everything is good, everything nice. I just pray that God continues to shine his eyes on me, and more successes basically.”

Sammie also seemed to not be too disappointed about his eviction. He said he expected it to happen and was not surprised. However, Sammie’s eviction made Jaypaul very emotional as he was losing his friend. The 26-year-old correctly guessed that Nini and Saga put him up for eviction. He told Ebuka that he and Angel are just friends, but he’s open to more out of the house. Now that he’s out of the house, he’ll “pursue his ambition – filmmaking, go back to school, and graduate from school because of my pops. That man has really done a lot. He just wanted me to go to school because he felt that if I should graduate, I’ll be a better person.”

In a shocking twist, Maria was also asked to leave the Big Brother Naija house as she had been evicted.

The housemates seemed shocked to hear the news, and Peace broke down in tears. Maria had been at the top of conversations from her first week in the house. On Saturday alone, there were 41,000 posts about her from about 27,700 people on the Internet. But this goes to show that love on social media does not automatically convert to votes. Fans must vote via the Africa Magic website MyDStv or MyGOtv app to keep saving their favourite housemates.

Maria, however, took her eviction in good faith, consoling her friends before leaving the house. She told Ebuka she was shocked to have been evicted, as she was not expecting it. She added, “I’m actually excited about relocating back to Lagos. I haven’t lived in Nigeria for a really long time, so it will be stressful, but I’m looking forward to that. I do intend to open up a business in Abuja, maybe early next year. And I’ll just see what comes with it.”  

There are now 17 housemates vying for the grand prize. The BBNaija season 6 edition winner will walk away with a whopping 90 million Naira worth of prizes. This includes a cash prize of N30m, cash in Abeg digital wallet, bitcoins courtesy of Patricia, a two-bedroom apartment courtesy of RevolutionPlus Property, and a top-of-the-range SUV from Nigeria’s automaker Innoson Motors and a trip for two packaged by Travelbeta.