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Be comfortable, fashionable at the polls


Walking Shoes

Today is the D-day and though emotions might be running high with everyone hoping their candidate emerges victorious, you must remember to remain calm and collected.

The weather would be hot today so it is advisable to wear breezy, sporty clothes and shoes so that you would not only be comfortable, but be ready to move quickly in case it becomes necessary to do so.

Remember that back-packs, small duffel bags, nylon bags or bags of any kind would not be allowed, so ensure everything you are holding can fit into a very small hand-held purse.


While the general rule of thumb is to be decently attired at polling stations, here are some additional tips on what you should wear for the polls today.

Dry And Light
Don clothes that will keep you comfortable as you might most likely be spending the whole day outside.

Moisture-wicking fabric would make for great wear in the hot and humid weather. Even if you sweat, the material will draw it out and dry quickly.

Also, choose loose separates that are easy to move around in. They are a lot more appropriate for later in the afternoon or evening when the temperature gets hot.

Sportswear is a great option; you are, afterall, “exercising” your right to vote.

Not sure if voters are allowed to wear clothing featuring party logos on them? Then pick clothes in nude tones, pastels and off-white shades, as colours such as these are cooling and won’t absorb heat as readily as black.

Ensure you apply sunscreen liberally to protect your skin from the sun.

You can wear light makeup if you want to but remember you may be in the sun for a long time, especially if you have to walk a long distance to your polling unit.


If you have to hold a purse, make sure it is a small one with the most basic of essentials, you cannot hold a big bag for security reasons.

You will be probably be doing a lot of standing as there would be queues, so the right footwear is important.

Flats, sliders, slip-ons and running shoes are just perfect for the day, and are easy to walk in with no fuss.

Leave your fancy heels and wedges at home. The last thing you want is a sore foot from trying to rock that uncomfortable shoe.

Essential Accessories
Don’t forget the little things that will keep you comfortable. A hand fan for example, will help cool you off.

A cap can be of help, too, in case you need something to keep your head and face covered when out in the sun.

Sunshades are also a necessity along with water bottles in case you don’t get anyone selling water or drinks around your polling unit.

You can take a handkerchief as well. Would you be wearing a headscarf? Then make sure you choose ones that are functional. There are plenty of options available, combining both women’s comfort and style.

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