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Beautiful Ifu Ennada: Obsession as her next big pie

By Shaibu Husseini
18 November 2017   |   4:20 am
When Obsession, the new movie, produced by the indefatigable Judith Audu’s production outfit, Judith Audu Production, for ROK Studio hits the screen this weekend...

When Obsession, the new movie, produced by the indefatigable Judith Audu’s production outfit, Judith Audu Production, for ROK Studio hits the screen this weekend, one actress that viewers should look out for and who indeed would contribute in giving the movie its acting credits would be the abundantly talented Ifu ENnada.

Smart, intelligent and resourceful, Ifu, whose delightfully interpretation of the role of Amara in the award-winning movie by C.J. Obasi, titled O’Town, earned her an Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) nomination for Best Young and Promising Actress in last year’s edition of the awards showed stuff playing Aret in the engaging movie about two families- a one-time popular actor, who is having to deal with the reality of his fading prime and a wife badly craving for love and attention, but with a husband too busy to meet her needs.

While the actor lands himself in an entanglement he finds difficult to break free from, this wife that has been badly craving for love involves herself in a liaison that proves to be much bigger that she can handle.

As Aret, Ifu played a young girl that lived in a fantasy world. Aret, a fan of an A-list actor, falls for the actor and just didn’t know when to draw the line.

Judith, producer of the movie, described Ifu’s performance in the movie as “fiery and deep.”

She added, regarding Ifu, on her Instagram handle: “When you first came into the acting world, I called you the girl with fire in her eyes and said if you control it well, it will work in your favour. Am glad you did.

“In playing the role of Aret, you let off Ifu and became Aret. You gave the character so much depth. Thank you for bringing Aret to life and for giving us all.”

An actress with a stunning range and who fits snugly into roles, Ifu has been having a steady ride up her acting and filmmaking career after that intense outing in C.J. Obasi’s O’Town.

She has produced and featured in a short film, Tears of A Broken Virgin, and has been going in and out movie sets in the last couple of months.

Born in Lagos to parents from Abia State, Ifu, a computer science graduate of the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye, Ogun State, clearly has her eyes on the summit of her career.

She is so focused and determined that observers predict that it would not be long before she finds an irreplaceable position in the unofficial club of the industry regulars.

Amiable, humble, friendly and courteous, she had her acting break playing the lead role, Tina Eze, a streetwise call girl, on Emerald TV drama series.

She also played the lead female role on Ebony Life TV’s mini series, HM Travels & Tours and had appearances on MTV Base’s Shuga and Ebony Life TV’s Desperate Housewives of Africa, aside having relevant appearances on Mnet series, Tinsel.

Acting did not begin for Ifu on television; it started way back in early school, where she was actively involved in cultural dances, quizzes and debating activities.

But she was a great fan of television drama and movies and she revealled that she got her pull watching actors, such as Zack Orji, Pete Edochie, Rita Dominic and Kate Henshaw.

“I have been watching them on television since my younger years and it is good to be in the same industry with these great people and also become a professional television content creator and producer, aside being an actress.

“I got my first television job as a presenter when I was 19. I am also a creative writer. I still produce and create content and I have not stopped writing,” she said.

A fitness enthusiast, who considers keeping fit a personal lifestyle, Ifu’s parents initially objected to her decision to venture into the entertainment industry, fearing it would hinder her from completing her university education.

But it didn’t, as she confirmed: “I was not distracted; I was able to combine both very well. I recall hiding to take part in my first job as an actress, which was the streetwise girl role I played in Emerald. I hid it from them.

“I recall that my mum saw me on television in Emerald as a streetwise call girl sitting with a man in a club and she called my dad, told him everything and asked him to talk to “his daughter,” and my dad called me that evening. It was a very interesting phone conversation with him.

“Fast forward again to the future, they have given me all their blessings and always pray I reach greater heights with each passing day.”

Hailed as an actress whose talent is raw and pure, Ifu is a great fan of Hollywood actor, Johnny Depp. She explained that she is drawn to Johnny because he captured her heart from Pirates of the Caribbean.

“Johnny is deep and I respect him so much. I think Lupita Nyongo’s breakthrough in Hollywood is motivating and inspiring. I would like to work with her.

“I also will like to be on set with Idris Elba, Kevin Hart and John Boyega.

“Back home, I want to work with every awesome actor, producer and director, including Biyi Bandele, who was my director on set of MTV Base Shuga. But I want to do bigger things with him.

“I want to work again and again with Judith Audu. She is an amazing producer.

“I also want to work with Omoni Oboli as an actor and director and with Auntie Mildred Okwo, Kunle Afolayan, Emem Isong, Tope Oshin and Martin Gbados of Soldier’s Story.

“I want to work with all the amazing actors and actresses and producers,” she said.

Asked to state her career ambition, Ifu, who described her involvement in the entertainment industry as fulfilling “to a certain degree,” wants to train as a director and become a huge success in the entertainment industry.

“Since I am a television content creator and producer, in the future, I want to create and produce more television shows, including reality television.

“I will be a huge success in entertainment, film and television, God willing,” she surmised.

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