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Become an expert to win in life


If you want to succeed in today’s world, you have to become an expert in your chosen field.

Besides, never assume that you’re stuck with the way things are.

Life changes everyday and so can you.


The consistency of your rituals will make you an expert in your field if action is taken over time.

When you apply a new way of thinking, you can master a new way to be.

When seeking to excel in life, consistency is everything.

Here are some questions you have to ask and answer by yourself to keep your success in mind along your journey.
Are you ready to spend a little time everyday? Many people won’t.

You can spend the better part of your life in prosperity, but most people can’t.

Thus, you ultimately become an expert in whatever you repeatedly do in life.

And it isn’t funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different.

That’s the power of aily rituals. In many ways, your daily rituals define you.

Most of the results you achieve in life, the awards, the accolades, the love relationships clinched and the lessons come from these rituals.

Regardless of your talents, knowledge and your life circumstances define success; you don’t suddenly become successful.

You become successful through becoming an expert, over time based on your rituals.

So, what do your daily rituals look like? You have to sort that out and get consistent with what’s right for you.

And your daily failures that you don’t learn and grow from, come together to cause you to fail.

Thus, for success, you must listen to your customers, innovate by doing things that need to be done.
Your life is your business. Too often, you overestimate the value of making good decisions on a daily basis. Resist that notion.

Remind yourself that the vast majority of results in your life, are the sum total of many small decisions made over time.

Therefore, your daily rituals make or break you.

Which is why daily rituals are the focus of successful achievement.


Above all, you will experience little growth unless you make daily rituals that reinforce what you hope to achieve.
If you’re not willing to make your goal your daily ritual, then you don’t really want to write that bestseller of your dreams in as much as you verbalize, you don’t really mean to achieve your life goal.

But if you do want to become the genius of your age, it’s time you build the right daily rituals for success.

For consistency and success, start reinforcing your rituals today.

For a start, focus on one, and only one, positive change at a time.

If you break this rule don’t be surprised if you fail.

Implement one positive change for a month before considering adding to it or starting a second ritual.

Stay with your ritual until it becomes second nature.

Remember, starting and internalizing a ritual takes time.

It takes two or more months before a ritual becomes part of your life.

Changing your perspective is important. And your body doesn’t start to adapt until it has seen the positive change implemented in the life.

Then, the body identifies with it. The person feels rewarded  as he watches the ritual shapes him into a better, calmer person.

Picking one new ritual at a time and spending just five minutes with it daily is really all there is to attaining great success in your field.
That is the baseline of how to become an expert at the important things you are not yet good at; from overcoming painful challenges, to achieving your greatest dreams and to ultimately achieving your hearts desires.

And finally, renewing your trust in yourself is arguably the most significant hidden benefit of consistently practising a daily ritual.

Indeed, incubating success happens relatively fast if you stick to the rituals.

And this undoubtedly is the most important life-changing thing you can do for your success in life.

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