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Benue Hills: A Mecca for all tourists


Tourists at the Benue hills

Tourists at the Benue hills

With its lovely and clement climate, Benue State Hills remain a Mecca for any tourist planning to visit Benue State at anytime of the year.
Situated near Gboko, Benue State Hills offers some of the most beautiful nature and scenery in Nigeria.

The state is located in the middle belt region of Nigeria and it shares boundaries with Taraba State on the East; Plateau State on the North and Edo State on the West while Anambra, Enugu, Cross River States are on the South.

The whole landmass presents hills of various shades and touristic appeals to any visitor.
For instance, lkyogen Hills exude mild weather condition, which ensures steady green vegetation and a round- the-year feeding for animals in the areas, which is also known as Ikyogen Cattle Ranch.
Ushongo Hills in Ushongo town also offers clement weather condition that makes it most fulfilling spot for tourists and adventures.
Bassa Hills, like the Ushongo Hills, are worth visiting especially for their satisfying scenery; and Swern Hills are valued for their historical linkages. The hills are believed to be the place for origin of the Tiv people of Benue State.

The area is best known for it’s collection of unique hills with some of the best known locations being the Bassa Hills, renowned for their spectacular scenery, the Swern Hills known for their history and the Ushongo Hills which are an ideal tourist destination because of the fantastic weather.

Interestingly, the state also shares a boundary with Cameroon and her industry is dominated by agriculture because of its fertile land. Arguably, over 70 percent of the nation’s soya beans come from Benue.

According to an official statement on the website of Benue State, the hills offers visitors fascinating scenery and colorful activities to behold. Many Tourists that have visited the place, left with the good memories of its hospitable and accommodating people for a long time.

Benue State Governor, Dr. Samuel Ortom said: “ Tourism anywhere in the world is a good spinner and so, mindful of the revenue-yielding potential of this sector, the government has put in place machinery to design the groundwork for its effective exploitation and improvement.  The creation of a Ministry of Culture and Tourism shows the resolve of the present administration to harness the abundant tourism potential of the state.

“The birth of a state-owned museum of cultural history and ethnography to document cultural monuments, festivals and scenic beauties of the state is one such machinery.  Under the new development, all the long neglected beaches in the state would be developed to have international hotels and other facilities. Benue state boasts of enchanting scenery, which includes Ushongo hills in Ushongo Local Government Area, Selagi and Haaga in Katsina-Ala Local Government Area and Andibilia hills in Oju Local Government”.

Benue state boasts of enchanting scenery, which includes Ushongo hills in Ushongo Local Council Area, Selagi and Haaga in Katsina-Ala Local Council Area and Andibilia hills in Oju Local Council.  The rest are the Ikwe hills in Gwer Local Council Area, and Enumabia warm springs in Ogbadibo Local Council area.

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