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Bewaji makes directorial debut with Satan: A Dark Comedy


Writer, social commentator and gender activist, Joy Isi Bewaji, will make her directorial debut on stage in the next two Sundays, September 23 and 30, 2018 at Freedom Park, Lagos, when her play, Satan: A Dark Comedy, hits the stage.
According to Bewaji “Satan: A Dark Comedy was inspired by religion, of course. But also, and more importantly, by social conduct and culture – how we respond to principles of right and wrong from a point of mental clarity, choices, temptation and inclinations. I wanted to tell a story that had very little spiritual influence, where the human impulses are judged by a person’s moral dignity or lack of it.

Spirituality clouds judgment, and it is something I try to stay away from, because I believe our minds are more powerful than we give it credit, or that we are willing to explore. And it is important we understand that we are guilty of all ignoble actions we decide to dwell or act on.

“What makes this play different from others? I guess it’s the entire direction of the theme. It’s not the regular script. It is challenging a commercial industry that makes money off gullibility and spirituality. It’s not about pastors, nor about tithing – as I find those themes to be tiring and boring. It’s about desire, base instincts and how we refuse to take responsibility for the way we act.
“It’s my directorial debut. It is written, produced and directed by me.”
To star in the play are Austine Onuoha, Friday Francis, Stellamaris Nnaji, Ursula Ugele, and Precious Ebhonaye.

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