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Bodyshaping: The dos and don’ts of getting perfect body

By Tobi Awodipe
06 February 2021   |   3:53 am
Body shapers have evolved from the rib crushing pieces that made it hard to breathe to comfortable, effective pieces that give a natural looking shape.

Body shapers have evolved from the rib crushing pieces that made it hard to breathe to comfortable, effective pieces that give a natural looking shape.

A body shaper is typically a mixture of nylon and lycra, that forces the body to a shape and instantly makes you a few inches thinner and has a wide variety of styles. Many people wear body shapers in order to take off inches around the stomach, butt, and thighs. Some other body shapers will shape the bust and the upper stomach. In addition to that, few body shapers can also add lift to the butt and bust. A full body shaper can give you a shape and look in all your body parts.

Types of body shapers you can get include bodysuits, waist shapers, vests, shorts, slips, with bra, panties and open bust. Some people believe body shapers on their own help to lose weight but this claim remains unfounded. A body shaper that doesn’t fit correctly or made with low-quality material isn’t going to give you results that inspire you to stick with your goals and walk with confidence.

Modern shape wear comes in a huge variety and it is only when you know the dos and don’ts of getting your wear you will be able to buy the perfect piece or pieces for your desired use.

The Dos
• Do learn how to wear it right. If you don’t wear it correctly, you could end up forfeiting the benefits. Always start wearing your garment from below and pull it over your hips to avoid situations where it gets trapped around your head or arms. Bunch it up and release it gradually as you pull it into place; the last thing you want is to leave crotchets snapped or hooked.

• Do know what body parts your shaper helps. Shape wear is not created equal and for that reason you will find each garment is designed to serve a given function. For instance control brief will work on shaping your hips and rear, a shaping top will concentrate on the lower and upper back, waist and stomach, whereas a waist cincher will concentrate on slimming the waist and the abdomen if it does extend downwards, and a bodysuit is an allover shaping garment. Let your body shape guide you in selecting the most suitable body shaper.

• Do wash your garment before wearing and pay close attention to the care instructions. Remember that most garments are chemically treated and they have gone through all kinds of processes and situations, hence the need to wash before you wear. Because most come with washing instructions, make sure you follow them for the sake of maintaining the quality of your fabric.

The Don’ts
• Don’t buy too small or too large. A body shaper that is too small will be uncomfortable and won’t offer the support you need. If it’s too tight then it will interfere with your breathing and if it is too large, it won’t offer you the support you need.

• Don’t base your purchase on before and after photos provided. Instead of feeling compelled to buy a body shaper based on what you see in photos, it is best that you concentrate on the shaper features to make a good choice.

• Don’t forget your exercises and diet. Good nutrition should not be overshadowed by the use of shapers. Even with shape wear that offers some permanent body results, you would still need to maintain healthy eating habits and adopt a healthy exercise regime to reap positive long term results. This is also the simplest way of increasing your energy levels, confidence and improving posture.

Body shaper options are so many and you should start by knowing what results you are looking for and your measurements to get the perfect one to serve your specific needs. Please note that shapers should be used for a short period of time for aesthetics only and are not an effective weight loss tool.

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