Sunday, 23rd January 2022
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Bogart Man is purely made for every modern gentleman – Eli Saig

Without doubts, 'Bogart Man’ is one of the most popular South African-based luxury...

Without doubts, ‘Bogart Man’ is one of the most popular South African-based luxury clothing and lifestyle brands, founded by Eli Saig, an Israeli fashion guru.

The brand is purely made for the modern gentleman seeking sophisticated edge in his daily look.

Wondering what inspired such a highly successful fashion and lifestyle brand, the CEO, Eli Saig expresses his journey so far.
He maintained that Bogart Man brand was inspired by aspiration.

“We used planning, creativity, networking and patience to overcome all the challenges that have shaped us to being the brand that we are today. Like most successful brands, yes we did pay the price for the rise. It is very rare that one finds the right people right at the start. It takes time to build the right teams.

The major challenges we faced when we were starting up was establishing ourselves in a new market, as well as mastering the know-how of production, styling, pricing and marketing of Bogart as a new brand back in 1991”, he said while speaking on how the brand has been able to survive the hurdles of the fashion industry.
Speaking further, Eli Saig added that Bogart Man’s mentors and idols are the customers for having such great taste.

As one of the brands affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, Eli Saig had this to say; “The Corona virus is a major concern as it affects the lives of Bogart Man’s customers, our staff, our people and the whole world. This is why a portion of our sales go towards the COVID 19 Solidarity Fund. Furthermore, our plan for 2020 is to continue to being one of the leading men’s fashion brand and launch our brand globally.”

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