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Boyo’s House of Talents hits cinema


Cinema. Photo credit: VideoBlocks

Impossible love, a clash between two generations, ambition, suspense is the hallmark of House Of Talents, a movie produced by Andy Boyo.

The movie parades some of the notable names in the showbiz industry, including Sola Sobowale, Chiwetalu Agu, Ego Boyo, Kalu Ikeagwu, and other veterans. Apart from having prominent members of the Nigerian movie industry, the movie lived up to its title by parading numerous newbie in Nollywood.

House Of Talents is an intriguing and entertaining movie, which is produced by Andy Boyo and will be in cinemas nationwide from August 30, 2019.


After successfully thrilling movie fans with a one-cast movie that captured the attention of Hollywood producers, talented producer cum director Andy Boyo brought young blood to the limelight to create a niche for themselves.

House Of Talents depicts how two single parents, a widow, and a widower who initially never want to pay attention to their son’s interest. A father wanted his son to become a medical doctor and the woman never bother about his son interest but the two boys were about to later secure their parents support after a call was placed to them that their children made it to final of the completion and the grand prize money was N10 million and a Jeep.

In the movie, a drama on marriage and love came into play as a mother who had to betroth her daughter did everything within her power from marrying a man from another tribe… Will Jay win the heart of his crush or will Jay claim the crown?

Speaking on why he patronised young talents in the movie he said, “ Well, a lot of people do not take risks that’s why when you make a film, you make the film to money and so if you put unknown faces, nobody will go and experiment so you have to put the faces. What I’ve done was to do is mingle both as much as possible, that’s why you see some known faces and some unknown faces. But most Nollywood films you notice that it is usually the faces that dominate. We as Nollywood, we don’t have a good scheme of turning out new stars, but we are working on it. When you do a film, try to embrace a lot of comers and put them in important roles; don’t make them Waka Pass. Some are trying, but it’s risky because you need to make money.”

He continued: “Let’s say they make N100 million, Cinema will take 50 per cent. They will pay tax on the 50 percent, pay VAT, entertainment tax then they get the balance. So, people are very careful about how much money they spend now because it is very difficult to get your money back; only very few movies make that much money.”


On the inspiration behind the movie, he said, “I made this movie immediately I came back from Hollywood where I got a contract to make a movie because they were impressed that I was able to make an ‘appealing’ quality of a one-cast movie. I discovered that all the movies that are doing well in Nigeria are drama-comedy and love movies; King of Boys was the only action movie that did well. So, I wanted to infuse comedy and other genres together and just experiment on it.”

On the message of the movie, “The message is that if you aspire to something, there is no one who can stop you. In the movie, one of the kids, who are finalists in the movie, wants to be a dancer, while his father wanted him to be a medical doctor. His persistence won him but his father support and the competition, though we did ojoro in the movie by declaring two people winner on the talents hunt competition. Another message is that instead of both single parents of the competitor to admit they like each other, they kept it to themselves but in the end, they came out.”

On talents discovery, he said, “I used to be partner with Silverbird when we started about 30 years ago, we started doing the most beautiful girl in Nigeria; I remember when I came back from the US and I went to Ben Bruce office and some women held his trouser that he was turning their daughter to Ashawo (Prostitute) and immediately I got there, I was also held and they said, ‘this is one of them’, but today, mothers are begging even bribing to put their children in it so, this is changing. I do filmmaking as a hobby; I’m a trained Petroleum Engineer.”

Speaking on the movie, actor Ikeagwu said, “Ego Boyo’s movie is not usually conventional, though House of Talents is about music show, the few eccentric parts still came to play like the love triangle, the progression of the talents show and how it affected the two families involved.”

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