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Bring your space alive with area rug


Living room rug

The importance of the Area rug, commonly known as the centre rug in your space cannot be underestimate, as it not only brings your interior décor to live in the garnished beauty it gives, but also bequeaths your feet a comfy sensation that only a home brings.

In most cases, the area rug does more than beautifying your space; it also serves as a relaxation spot for when your body feels the need to go further down beyond the couch or even bed for a therapeutic stretch.

Peradventure there is shortage of cash flow in the bid to shop for interior décor, it is an opportunity cost to purchase the area rug and forgo other furniture for when it is financially convenient, because the area rug on its own has its unparalleled sole gratification to your space.


However, it is important to note that while selecting an area rug, whether it is for the living room, bedroom, bedside rug, office, event-centre, stairs or hallway, the texture should be soothing and colour should blend in or contrast the furniture, painting and tiles as the rule applies for each decor. This is why it is best to start with the rug and pull-in the colour choices for other furniture.

The Hallway Rug: When choosing the hallway area rug, it is important for the rug to blend-in with the wall leaving the space in-between the rug and the floor to contrast. Also, the hallway rug is better demarcated in two equal sections for aesthetics.

Living Room Rug: While the colour or kind of the living room floor is not a determinant to choosing its area rug, it is important for the living room area rug to blend with the throw pillow and have a simultaneous suiting contrast with the couch, since the rug is positioned next to the couch.

. Your living room area rug should be fluffy in texture.

. It is advisable to avoid multi-coloured area rug in the living room as it gives a clumsy effect, hence the need to stick to a single colour.

Bedside Rug: The bedside rug should not be prodigious but should encompass your bedside.

A multi-coloured bedside rug is best due to the fact that the bedspread is replaced on regular basis in different colours, but noteworthy is the fact that the rug should be smooth and soothing.

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