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Building Confident Girls Through Themed Events


ConfidentRaising Confident Girls is something that I am very passionate about and together with over 4000 members on facebook, we share ideas and suggestions on how to raise confident girls. One of my sister friend’s asked me to do a segment for her daughter’s 10th birthday on Raising Confident Girls and I accepted without hesitation.

Power Words
The fun started with pass the confident ball (instead of pass the parcel). When the music stopped, one girl at a time pulled a note from the hat and described the confident word. Power words help build confidence. These are just a few power words that you should be using daily in your vocabulary; ‘amazing’, beautiful, delightful, majestic, fabulous, unique, spectacular, extraordinary, wow…

Confident Spelling Bee Contest
Another way to boost confidence is to practice what you are good at. The more you practice the better you become. I decided to include a confident spelling bee quiz which the girls were very good at. I divided the girls into teams and they picked a word from the hat, spelt it and described the meaning.

Words of Affirmation Builds Confidence
Words of Affirmation are one the 5 love languages and are excellent for building confidence. I asked the girls to describe the birthday girl and say something that they like about her. They mentioned fun, caring, intelligent, bold, friendly, daring, which to me means her parents are doing a great job in raising a confident girl.

Inner Confidence
During the birthday party, I shared some nuggets on inner confidence and the ability to believe and accept oneself. Inner confidence does not grow from corporate success, accolades, or our ability to speak in public. It’s not nurtured by who “sees” us, or the image we have built up around ourselves. It can only come from inside of YOU – and how deeply you know and accept yourself, what you are willing to accept from others (or not) and your ability to stay strong in your unshakeable truth. That is inner confidence.

I also spoke to the girls about self love, self knowledge, positive talk and setting clear goals, as these help build self confidence.

The Runway
My session ended on a high with the girls running the catwalk. In role play fashion, the girls just flew in from Italy, LA, Monaco, Cape Town and Paris and came especially for the 10th birthday ( story telling -wink) and oh we mothers got to have fun too because moms just wanna have fun yeah.

The feedback from the family “You did a fantastic job and the girls loved it. It is such a great way to pass on a very important message”.

Rita Okoye is passionate about raising young girls and equipping them with tools that will help them to conduct and value themselves as treasures and present themselves effectively anywhere in the world. Valuable YOU summer camp starts from 13- 29 July in Lekki for girls age 10-13. Contact Rita for more information at

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