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Quick Cleaning Tips


THE sight of dirt will reduce the beauty of your space, no matter the decorations you use there. Some common household cleaning problems should be tackled by following these steps below.

• To quickly clean burned food on a pan, add some dish soap and a little water. Bring to a boil, then let the liquid cool in the pan. The burned food will be easy to remove.

• To clean sluggish drains, pour half cup baking soda down the drain. Add half cup white vinegar and cover the drain. Let this mixture foam for a few minutes, then pour eight cups of boiling water down the drain to flush it. Do not use this combination after using any commercial drain opener or cleaner.

• If plastic from bread wrapper melts onto toaster, use a little nail polish remover to get it off. Let the toaster cool before trying this.

• For a non self-cleaning oven, scrape up any large spills, then spray cleaner inside the oven, close the door and let it sit overnight so the cleaner has time to work.

• To clean a blender, squirt a few drops of liquid soap into it, fill halfway with warm water, cover and blend away the mess. Rinse and repeat if necessary. This method can be used for food processors.

• For lime and mineral deposits on your kitchen sink faucet, wrap vinegar-soaked paper towels around faucets for about an hour. This breaks down the mineral scale, and the chrome will be clean and shiny after buffing with a dry paper towel.

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