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Safeguard your home diligently from communal theft


Perhaps it is time to adapt the book of Proverbs 4:3 into: “Guard your home with all diligence, for out of the home flows the issues of life survival.”

It is no longer news that these are perilous times all over the world, but what is worthy of news is the need for everyone to now take up optimum security instinct and measures to keep your home and family members safe, due to the rampant tale of community theft, especially in a certain vulnerable part of Lagos State.

While the deal isn’t to take the law into your own hands, you must at this point put on the whole armour of personal security and “policing” in all ramifications for survival, considering how hoodlums have taken up theft and robbery as COVID-19 lockdown occupation.


Because for some self-imposed psychological defects, these people feel entitled to your money and belongings. These defects make them feel they deserve a stake from the aesthetics you have made of your home and life. You must have too much money to own such exotic exteriors and interiors, so rather than make a living through creative honest hard work; they would rather survive through your hard-earned gatherings, money, property, etc. by crook or by the hook.

So, rather than lose guard for them to penetrate your safest place in the world at the moment, you must now safeguard your home with the following self-home security measures:
• Have a functioning security gate with security light on both sides.

• Install and activate security cameras if you don’t already have.

• Change your ordinary locks to smart locks.

• Save emergency phone numbers of your state Police and community on your phones and other visible sections of your home.


Be vigilant: Observe your surroundings to ensure that any sign of threats is identified and avoided.

• Be preventive: plan and put security measures in place to ensure your safety.

• Stay informed and alert at all times.

Be restrictive: lock every entry and exit points at home. Close and secure your front door and windows at night even if you live in a safe neighborhood or a high floor flat because burglars are smarter and more creative than you give them credit for. So be equal to their erratic thinking, you can’t afford to make any mistake or lose guard.

Common personal home security mistakes you must avoid during this lockdown
• Lack of optimum commitment to your home security and safety- A 100 per cent commitment to your safety is fundamental to staying safe at these times, as failure to do so will not only put your home at risk but also your life.


Zero observant of your surroundings: This is a key mistake that is often made by people. Observing your immediate environment in a relaxed and positive manner can alert you to any potential threat and help you prevent it.

Not trusting and acting on your instinct: Human beings have an inbuilt natural instinct that sense danger even before it happens but some people just ignore their instinct. So, not trusting your instinct whenever you sense danger can put your life at higher risk. Therefore, be sure to trust and act on your instinct if you pick up a bad feeling from someone, something or sound, or if you feel a sense of threat or danger, act on it.

Not having a Safety Network: Not having a safety net of trusted people who could provide support and advice whenever you feel concerned for your personal safety can make you vulnerable to any potential risk and threat. So, developing a safety network of trusted people that may include family, friends, colleagues or even the police can become a safety net whenever your personal safety feels threatened.


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