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By Justin Akpovi-Esade
02 January 2021   |   1:46 am
This trend has been on for some couple of years now and one thought it would burn out, but alas, it is gathering more momentum as the days go by.

Nollywood Or Bollywood?
This trend has been on for some couple of years now and one thought it would burn out, but alas, it is gathering more momentum as the days go by. TEETH4TEETH is now forced to ask, if Nigerian film producers are taking the hand of times back to the 70s… by the way, I know you are wondering about the trend, abi? 

Now, here is it. Have you not noticed that Nollywood films are now like Indian films where our actors would be dancing and miming to a song either in a love or tragic scenes? Reminds you of Indian movies like Burning Train, Love In Tokyo and a host of others people like us watched at cinema houses in the 70s, as we grew up with the likes of Amitab Bachan, Damendra etc.

Now, our Nollywood producers are so creative, they are taking us back into time. Just watch Pain of The Orphan, which featured Zubby Michael and Destiny Etiko; you will want to give the producer and director some little strokes of the cane for churning out the most childish Nollywood movie of all times, if there is an award in the category.

And Dino Melaye Too…
ONE thought if some popular people like Kizz Daniel had it, our own car loving Senator, Dino Melaye won’t.

And what am I talking about? Just be patient, haba! 
TEETH4TEETH had to rewind Dino Melaye’s video twice to confirm what he heard, I mean that Dino Melaye’s video he posted online warning people not to accept any COVID-19 vaccine. I won’t talk about his childish and ignorant position on the issue, dat one nor be my business.

But you will sure sigh loudly when you hear Melaye say, “…for ‘hover’ 100 years…”, I thought I did not get that properly, so I took the video back and this time, I heard correctly. 

Our dear Dino, a former Senator who was about the loudest in the Senate for the four years he represented his Kogi people replaced over with ‘hover’ and he said it thrice in that video. So, ‘hover’ to you as you search for the video to listen to Dino ‘hover’ 100 years…

DSTV Caught In The Act
MRS TEETH4TEETH was the first to draw my attention to one little ‘wayo’ that DSTV has been playing and I decided to set my little trap for them. During the week, the Pay TV outfit aired this movie titled The King’s Enemy, directed by Dubem Victor and featured Don Brymo. 

The information by DSTV said the film was a 2019 production, which makes it a more recent flick. But when the movie ended, the credit showed it was a 2018 production. DSTV, but why? You use that to make subscribers believe you get fresh content when in fact, the only channels where you do not repeat content everyday are your news channels. Nor try dat little stunt again o. We are watching!

Only In Nigerian Movies…
HAVE you noticed that crimes are planned in uncompleted buildings ONLY in Nigerian films? You have not noticed? Oya, shine ya eyes going forward. You will see some four guys sitting in a close circle, smoking and plotting a crime or waiting to receive ransom with their hostage tied in one corner.  One is then forced to ask, what is the connection between crime and uncompleted buildings? Na who go come ansa dis my question now?