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Three easy steps to a comfortable and chic living room


Living-roomWe sometimes pore through magazines and admire other people’s living rooms, wondering how they got it to look so orderly and effortlessly beautiful, secretly thinking that your living room might never achieve that effortless elegance and beauty.

This is not really true as anybody can turn a living room into a magazine worthy specimen with a little patience and guidance.I have put together three easy steps that absolutely anyone can follow to restore orderliness and lend your living space that ‘oomph’ it may be presently lacking.

Grouped Artwork, Frames and Photographs
On a long wall, you don’t have to use one big piece of art. Instead, consider hanging multiple smaller pieces in a grouping. They can have just as much impact as one pig piece. Matching frames can help unify the look, if you don’t want the grouping to look haphazard or uncoordinated.

A room usually has two focal points, where the television is and the other end, probably facing a window- lay out your furniture to take advantage of both points. Don’t be afraid to place two sofas back to back and work the other pieces around those two, not forgetting to leave enough space in the middle for passage.

A Big Rug
For rooms with more than one sitting area, one large rug feels more expansive as several small rugs could make the place look a bit rough. When covering a large floor, steer clear of big patterns. Use subtly patterned and textured carpeting that would normally be laid wall to wall and have it cut so it is several inches off the walls all the way round and have the edges tied or bound to prevent them from loosening.

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