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For these screen celebrities, a touch of ‘love’ on St Valentine’s Day

By Shaibu Husseini
18 February 2017   |   2:11 am
It was St. Valentine’s Day on February 14. The day is set aside to commemorate love, in all its forms.Like their fans, who stepped out in their numbers to commemorate the day that is devoted to love and dedicated to exchange of cards...

Kiki Omeili

It was St. Valentine’s Day on February 14. The day is set aside to commemorate love, in all its forms.Like their fans, who stepped out in their numbers to commemorate the day that is devoted to love and dedicated to exchange of cards, gifts and red roses, some Nollywood celebrities revealed that they also found time out of their busy schedules to mark the day. We engaged this last set of celebrities on how they marked St. Valentine Day this year.

Uche MacAuley
Well, Valentine means love in the true sense of the word. Showing love even to the most undeserving of persons, kindness and compassion for the less privileged, in both words and action.

And oh, yes, yearly, I take out time to mark the day. Usually, we get all dressed up and dine out, then afterwards, do whatever else comes to mind.

I know this in part- we would have our dinner date as usual, but before the day, my husband said he had some surprise in store for me, so I counted the days in anticipation.

And when it came, he kept to his promise as usual. As for what the day should mean to others, I think it should be to pause at some point to have a soul-search and ask yourself if you have loved the people God placed in your life the way you ought to, not just in words, but in the things you have done and things you have said, and decide to make up for the lapses.The show of love shouldn’t fizzle out with the setting of the sun, but should be a way of life.

Ada Ameh
For me, Valentine Day is a day to show love, particularly to the less privileged. I mean, I know that on that day lovers show love to themselves, nothing wrong with that, but it is good to extend it to the less privileged, who are yearning to feel loved and cared for.

I recall that in Makurdi, Benue State, my friend, who is the publisher of Accolade magazine, used to organise a programme, where she gave couples a treat.

I have hosted a couple of the programme and I can say that she is the first to organise such a love feast in the whole of the North Central.

She will host them to a dinner and it was beautiful. You will see women and their husbands, even farmers will be well dressed up gorgeously with their wives and they will be treated to good food and music. The excitement was usually palpable.

If that is what Valentine is all about, I will say yes, but I don’t support all this boyfriend and girlfriend trying to exploit the day negatively. You know, most cases I do my things quietly. I believe some of those things are very special.

And for this year, I hung out with my daughter and friends and we shared good moments together and talked about the essence of the day.

To my fans, I will say love is giving. They should identify those who need to be cared for and they should really show love to that category of people.

We should generally learn to love unconditionally and we must care for the less privileged and make it a daily affair and not just wait to show love only on Valentine Day.

Kiki Omeili
VALENTINE’S Day is a day set out for the expression of love to a significant other, to the family, friends and even the less privileged.

On Valentine’s Day, I expect people to show love by way of gifts, gestures, quality time and so on. In terms of whether I have gone out of my way to mark the day, I will say yes. At a point in my life, commemorating Valentine’s Day was a very big deal. But that hasn’t been the case for a while.

I vividly recall being on call all day in the hospital on Valentines Day some time ago. It is just another day to work if work calls.

But this year, I spent the day at the screening of a Nollywood thriller, Something Wicked, thereafter, I hung out at the Genesis Cinemas with fans of Sunday and Lolade, who had come to the cinema to see the Sunday and Lolade skit compilation.
So, I had fun in my own way.

Lydia Forson
FOR me, Valentine, to the best of my understanding, is a moment to show love, especially to those who need it, and not necessarily between just lovers or friends.

As for marking the day, no, I haven’t made a conscious effort to mark the day. Honestly, if it weren’t for social media, I would probably forget it.

Even this year, I was on set on the day. I guess the older you grow, the less obsessed you are over these things. Yes, it would be great to do something, but not doing anything wouldn’t make me feel unhappy either. And since it is a day of love, I would say to do something you otherwise wouldn’t do on the day.

There is an assumption that it is a day for just lovers, but it isn’t. Show kindness to those who need it, surprise someone who maybe struggling and you are in the position to help or just be nicer to people on that day, a smile goes a long way.

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