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Magdalene Adamu… Sure and steady steps of cross over starlet

By Shaibu Husseini
07 August 2020   |   11:09 pm
There are very few actors of Northern extraction, who have been able to work in both Nollywood and in the Kano based Hausa movie industry dubbed Kannywood. List five of the A-list and emerging actresses

There are very few actors of Northern extraction, who have been able to work in both Nollywood and in the Kano based Hausa movie industry dubbed Kannywood. List five of the A-list and emerging actresses, who have been able to cross over successfully and the delectable ebony black young actress Magdalene Adamu will make the list.

The humble and unpretentiously friendly Kaduna-born actress and model is having a smooth run on screen. She has been waltzing stronger as an actress and has in a short time, endeared herself to producers in Nollywood, Kannywood and within the continent, having recently worked on two movie projects in Rwanda and Dubai.

Born and raised in Kaduna where she also had her early education, acting came naturally for Magdalene whose parents are both from Kaduna State. She revealed it was her stint in the drama group in church and in early school at Government Day Secondary School, Rigachukun, Kaduna State that made her conclude that she was cut out for acting. From there, the hunger for real screen action set in for the actress who would have, perhaps, become a solider if her father were to be alive after her secondary education.

Magdalene recalled that before he passed on, her father kept insisting that he would love that she takes up a career in the military.
“Mum told me that dad kept insisting that he wanted me to attend the Nigeria Defence Academy after school, but I escaped that by him not being alive today. I miss Dad a lot, but I thank God for my mum who blessed me after I told her about my love for acting. I love acting,” she said.

Magdalene’s career as an actress started shortly after she left acting school in Kaduna for Lagos. She got a referral from a friend to attend an audition exercise at the National Theatre in Lagos, where she was cast to play a supporting role in the movie titled Girls Crib. With the movie and others like War Queens and The adolescent, Magdalene whose favourite international actors include Lupita Nyogo and Angelina Jolie, was ready for the acting turf.

Her performance in those movies endeared her to producers, who lapped up scripts for her. Star of some Nollywood titles such as Most Wanted, Kukere Babes, and Across The Streets, Magdalene’s outing in those Nollywood movies got top Kannywood producers rooting for her. The actress has taken part in a number of Kannywood movies such as Burin Duniya, Labarin Asabe, and Amini Na.

Described by her colleagues as friendly and disciplined, the actress whose acting role models include Joke Silva and Hilda Dokubo, has made quite an appreciable inroad as a model. She, however, described the journey so far in the movie and modeling industry as challenging.

“My journey into acting was not easy at all; it was very, very tough. But you know I was brought up never to give up, so I never stopped pushing. It’s really a challenging field. I thank God, and I also thank my fiancée for his help and for standing by me. He has been giving me all the encouragement! Telling me he won’t stop pushing me until he sees me achieve all my dreams. By doing all that, I can’t thank him less.”

The face and brand ambassador of Choize TV, an anticipated cable network that would be launched in Nigeria and other cities in Africa soon, Magdalene says her staying power so far has been her long held philosophy of life, which is that ‘nothing good comes easy’.

According to her, “I have always lived with the fact that nothing is easy in life. Nothing good comes easy. So, I knew that getting here and going further till I get to the very top, would not be easy. Most times, you go for auditions and you will not be noticed. I tell you that if you are not strong, you will give up the career. But I kept pushing because I knew where I was heading to and sincerely God has been faithful to me. I mean, two international jobs in so short a time can only be God.”

When Magdalene is not busy on a movie set, she spends time working out and visiting close friends and relations. But the actress, who said that she dislikes negativity, liars and betrayers, revealed that she has little time for offset activities as a result of some current and upcoming projects that she is involved in.

“I have a couple of unfinished projects and upcoming projects. I am hoping that this pandemic will come and go, so I can get some of the project started. For instance, I am going to launch my Talk show Face to Face with Magdalene, which will be solely anchored by my humble self from the US. It will be aired live on Choize TV, which is coming to Nigeria and African homes.”

As for her career ambition, Magdalene replied, “My ambition is to get to the top of my acting and modeling career. I want to do more jobs locally and internationally. I am looking beyond Nollywood and Kannywood and it is looking as if God has started answering my prayers with the two projects I have done so far in Rwanda and Dubai. I also want to run my own Film School and Production Company. I also have plans for my clothing line and orphanage homes, which I like to set up across the globe. It has always been my wish to be able to give out to the less privileged and to help the needy. I also want to be able to give out to the widows and widowers. I will have inner peace as an entertainer doing that.”

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