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Why Nollywood producer is not too happy with Rita Dominic

By Guardian Editor
03 December 2022   |   2:50 am
Popular Nollywood actress, Rita Dominic did her ‘White’ wedding during the week, months after her traditional marriage rites and the event was expectedly glamorous. But there is this Nollywood producer, Theo Akatugba

Rita Dominic

Popular Nollywood actress, Rita Dominic did her ‘White’ wedding during the week, months after her traditional marriage rites and the event was expectedly glamorous. But there is this Nollywood producer, Theo Akatugba who appears not to be happy with the star actress who ruled the small screen some years ago and the reason is simple; Rita’s wedding dress was a little too revealing for his comfort.

When T4T saw Akatugba’s post on Facebook, he had to quickly rush to search for the photo or video of Rita’s wedding dress-he got both. Well, truth be say, the dress show some part of her chest wey e nor suppose show, but e nor too bad like as bros Akatugba carry the matta because the producer spent more than half of the day (with different Facebook posts) hammering on the dress and how it showed ‘things’ it was not supposed to show. 

Calm down bros Akatugba, we no say you be marriage counselor (and some say a budding pastor) but e never reach dat level wey you carry the matta reach so.

Notin too spoil for the dress and wetin e show.
Still On Rita…

Away from star actress Rita Dominic’s dress that bros Akatugba was not comfortable with, T4T noticed how overjoyed she was in the video as she walked down the aisle with her brand new husband. She was busy acknowledging cheers from her family and friends like she was on a movie scene. Her cup truly, ‘ranneth’ over that day and will you blame her?

For years, she had been the butt of entertainment newsmen who always take a swipe at her on her spinster status and would be asking questions when she would get married. Truth is, many had written her off (marriage wise) but one thing that you will give Rita credit for is that her long career has been devoid of those messy sex scandals associated with beautiful and fantastic actors like her (well, none that T4T knew of). So, on that note, I join Rita baby to say (even if she did not openly say it, her actions did at the wedding) SHAME TO BAD PEOPLE!
May your marriage be long and fruitful. Na elder mouth T4T take pray for you so! 
Enjoy your marital life my dear!

‘Bobo’ Mike Okri
Music legend, Mike Okri is 60 years, if T4T got it right, but he no doubt is 30 at heart, if not how would one explain what he did on Tuesday?

T4T was idle, so he decided to prowl the Internet looking for what who and who is doing. And he landed on the Facebook Timeline of Ol Mike Okri and what did he behold, the Rhumba Dance master posted a video of himself dancing in the middle of other revellers and he was running commentaries as he weaved and danced through the people in the hall. Okri was having fun no doubt, like some teenager let loose by his parents for the first time to go and have fun.Bros, slow down, if you still dey game like dis, wetin your children go do? You nor wan give space make the young grow? Na so you nor nice?

What The Police Could Not Do…
T4T loves watching these latest prank videos. Yes, he loves them. Aside the little (sometimes no) entertainment value in most of them, there are few with deep moral and educating lessons and the one by a relatively unknown prankster, Ghetto Smaller, that T4T saw during the week, had these qualities.

There was this young girl who ran away with four million naira belonging to her step mum. All efforts by the woman through law enforcement to get her arrested failed, as the girl’s mobile number was ‘off and on’ as narrated by the aggrieved lady. But the prankster, Ghetto Smaller, got her talking on a dating site where young girls engage in prostitution, but would rather sugar it by calling it ‘hook up’!
The alleged thief eventually led both step mum and policemen to where she was holed up. In the video, she confessed to the crime and claimed she had blown the four million away in the four months she ran away from home!
That is not the story here anyway! 

Why do we have a Cyber Crimes Unit in the Nigeria Police Force if it can’t track and bring a suspect in for questioning via his or her mobile phone or through the Internet? That the step mum had to resort to an ‘ordinary’ Prankster to get her step daughter arrested for an alleged crime is a huge indictment on the entire force. But what does T4T know sef? Is it not the same Police station you go to to make an arrest and you are asked to pay for a ‘biro’ (pen), paper for a statement form and money for petrol for patrol van or transport fare to go and arrest the suspect?  

The step mum must have paid through her nose in that four months till she got tired and resorted to the help of the prankster.Na God go help us and Nigeria police for dis country!

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