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Choices champions make to gain success


How to manage failure

Image credit: Pixabay

Here are some choices you need to make that would gain you world-class success. One, don’t allow anyone define success for you.

In my worldly sojourn as a septuagenarian, I have ceased to allow others define worldly success for me.

Being wealthy is so deeply embedded as the norm in our cultural narrative that it has become the standard by which we measure our lives.


Even as politicians, we have collectively agreed that fame and fortune are the substances of success.

But for me, giving up other people’s definition of success is incredibly liberating. This ultimately leads to the fullest expression of who you are and what matters to you.

This isn’t a one-time thing; it is a daily habit of comparing yourself to others less and creating more of your model of living.

Success doesn’t just mean what the larger mob of society says it means- money, fame and fortune. Many people with fame, fortune and money are desperately empty and unhappy.

Be aware that your success isn’t defined by what others say. No one can define your success, but you. If you let others determine success for you, you would never reach your goal.

Living an extraordinary life means defining your meaning of success.

If you want to lead an extraordinary life, your definition of success must perforce be your own. Let go of other people’s version of success.

True success is gained by defining your own success and achieving it. Try and do what is best for you, not what your colleagues are doing.

Two, stop seeking approval from others. When you are not chosen for high office, you feel bad. When you are chosen by clueless presidents leading to your humiliation and disgrace, you feel good.

Lateef Jakande serving under Sani Abacha diminished Jakande’s greatness. Bola Ige serving under Olusegun Obasanjo dimmed Ige’s fame.

We should unlearn success at all costs attitude. If you live your life to please others, you would never experience world-class success, because world-class success requires you to be unique and extraordinary.

Not ever serving in previous administrations elevated Donald Trump to the United States Presidency, while Hillary Clinton’s service under Barrack Obama became her albatross.
World-class success almost always comes out of following a crazy idea to fruition. Yesterday, it was crazy, but today it is a breakthrough.

You will never get to your breakthrough if you focus on the approval of others.

The bolder and creative you are, the more rejection you would experience. The closer you get to your goals, the more criticism you attract.


Your ascent highlights other people’s descent. Which is why your seeking approval gets you nowhere.

World-class performers went against the grain. Focus on being as authentic as possible instead of seeking approval from others.

Three, choose the path of the black sheep. The character trait that every champion I have ever known all have is an immunity to peer pressure.

If you do what everyone else is doing, you would be like everyone else. If you want a great leap forward, you must make big changes. It is lonely at the top of the mountain.

The few who have achieved world-class success have gone against the grain time and time again. They ruffled feathers, flipped the status quo and bothered more people more than they can remember.

World-class success requires world-class choices. Do things most people don’t do.

Act in ways many people think are crazy. Say things many people might not understand. Believe things people might find arrogant or stupid.

When you choose the path of the black sheep you place yourself in a position to do what no one else has ever done or ever accomplished, the world would ever remember you for the rules you break, not those you observed.

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