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Corps member gets 80 tubers of yam for erecting borehole

By Ransome Mgbeahuru
28 March 2020   |   3:19 am
There are times when the good we do in our society might remain uncelebrated until we simply attend a meeting. It was a day of reckoning for Iyanuoluwa Moyinoluwa


There are times when the good we do in our society might remain uncelebrated until we simply attend a meeting. It was a day of reckoning for Iyanuoluwa Moyinoluwa, a National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) member serving in Pila community, Benue State, who was appreciated by the community.

She was given 80 tubers of yam after she funded a borehole project for them as her special community development project.

Iyanuoluwa, who is currently serving in the state, pulled up resources and erected a borehole in the area that has experienced water shortage for many years. The project was commissioned recently and the community gifted her 80 tubers of yam, which was what they had, as a token of appreciation.

Speaking on the surprise gift, Iyanuoluwa Moyinoluwa said, “they are not just tubers of yam but they depict love and encouragement to me. I will forever remember their kindness, good treatment and blessings. They are very good people. Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed. It was an opportunity for me to render selfless service to humanity.

“I feel if your personal Community Development Service is not geared towards providing goods or service that will positively touch the lives of people in a particular community, then it is not a good one. It should be something that the community will appreciate. The project’s impact should lift people’s standard of living. I was able to drill a borehole for the community that lack good drinking water, it was highly appreciated.”

According to her on the project, “at a point, I began to take note how regular the villagers come to the river to fetch water, and it was a far distance from where I was staying at the corper’s lodge. Questions ran through my mind. I asked myself, ‘why the stress? Is there no close by water for them to fetch?’ I made an in-depth investigation to find out what could the problem. The community lack good water and I took it upon myself to erect a borehole for them. The project was estimated at N984, OOO. We got land for free from the villages, laborers for free, the blocks free and the little building also. The project took me over three weeks for completion.”

“The village elders were very helpful. I was able to identify one major problem after then I made an inquiry at the NYSC office, as regard the modus operandi in taking on a project, gathered materials and began the project,” she said.

The community presented their dance troupe to entertain the corper during the commissioning and also gifted her a large number of yams in gratitude for her selfless service.

The diligent corps member has set an example for other corps members in different parts of Nigeria and she has no doubt raised to bar high and also shown that a year is enough time to achieve something good that would last for a long time.