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FCT and competitive legislative representation


FCT-Minister Mohmmed Musa Bello

The quality of legislation in a polity is largely influenced by the class of legislators not class interests. This allows for robust interface over state matters and as well, resonates true essence of representative democracy.However, qualitative representation is not often achieved through grandstanding but sheer determination of the electorate.

Another factor that standardises legislative activities is the prioritisation of experience as one of the key conditions needed to represent the people.
Mastery in this instance does not only cover legislative activities but other important areas of human endeavour. It is very important considering the place of the FCT in the country and the need to ensure that the city evolves into what it was conceived to be from inception.

As a cosmopolitan 21century city that serves as a nest for Nigeria’s diverse people, the FCT deserves nothing but an urbane and cerebral representative. The FCT does not need anyone, who is satisfied with the status quo but someone, who at all times would display hunger and desire to see the constituency grow beyond the dream of its founders.


That is why I always fault the assumption that the general beauty of Abuja is just enough for the FCT. No! Like the common axiom that Rome is still under construction, Abuja is still under construction and requires a resourceful person in the Senate to drive the process.

In this regard, I am electing Sen Khariat Abudulrazaq Gwadebe to represent the FCT in the zone. I am sure that anyone conversant with her activities over the years wouldn’t argue otherwise. She fits the bill. Having distinguished herself in law and public service positions before being elected as a Senator in 1999, Sen Gwadabe is not new to public office. She comes with impeccable record that gives a rare comparative advantage over others aspiring to that position. For her, the Senate will be a familiar turf having been among the first set of Senators to be elected in the Fourth Republic.Interestingly, Gwadabe’s four years in the Senate were eventful, as she maintained a conspicuous presence in the affairs of the Senate.  

Another exciting aspect is the fact that she shone like a star among a pack of seasoned politicians like the late Chuba Okadigbo, Evans Ewenrem, Idris Kuta, and Arthur Nzeribe, among others.With such array of political gladiators, whose intellectual depth and political sagacity spoke volumes, one must be a genius to become a force to be reckoned with.

And Sen Gwadebe justified the reason she was elected by distinguishing herself in that set. A testimony to that was her membership of committees on the Environment, Health, Women Affairs (Chairman), Federal Character, Tourism & Culture and Federal Capital Territory. Being appointed to these sensitive committees was a true reflection that she is an asset to anything she identifies with.

A look at where she is coming from, tells how Sen Gwadebe’s background has prepared her for leadership.She was born in Zaria.  She studied law at the University of Buckingham and has a Masters’ in Constitutional Law from University of Lagos. 
Prior to that, in 1994, She was a member of the Panel of Review of Nigeria Customs and Excise. As a Senator, she represented the good people of FCT creditably well and was a very strong voice for women participation in politics.

Perhaps, her deep knowledge of the workings of the legislature informed the reason she headed the Senators’ Forum as of 2011– many years after she left the Senate.
The group serves as a platform through which serving and non-serving Senators share knowledge and experience to promote democracy.
 Looking at what she did previously, her constituents in the FCT are now compelled to beckon on her to serve again. It is all about the type of representation that promotes, protects and projects better life for the people of FCT.
• Abdulrahman, writes from Kuje

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